People who don’t like bimetals: why?

I’ve seen more than a few people post about preferring monometals. My question to those people is what turns you off of bimetals and what bimetals have you tried extensively or owned?


Haven’t you realized by now a good amount of people on these forums just simply don’t like good yoyos?

Cuz good yoyos are boring apparently

Same reason people don’t like Vs


The reason is possibly resonance. Bi-metals tend to feel stiffer because the rings and such prevent the base metal from being able to ‘ring’ out. I like bi-metals, but there is something more natural feeling about a monometal. Also bi-metals can become damaged easier. Idk, I think both can be great for what they are.


Inner ring bi-metal is flames and should be used more often

Outer-ring bi-metal is powerful but doesn’t get clean regens as easily

Just my 2c


I don’t think It’s that. Bi-metals definitely don’t always equal “good”. Tons of monometals out perform bi-metals.

I know that a lot of people specifically don’t like any bi-metals.

Personally i don’t get it, as I’ve tried bi-metals i love and bi-metals that are not so good.

I just like stuff that’s sensitive to changes in direction and stable at the same time.

i also definitely seem to have a preference to inner ring bi-metals. Only outer ring bi-metals i really vibe with are the Statement and Blizzard.


I have used about a dozen bimetals. Only owned one. I have found that I don’t prefer heavily rim weighted yoyos. To me I feel like i am in less control. It’s like the yoyos controls itself. I am not doing any game breaking tricks. I don’t need crazy spin time. I prefer the feeling of complete control over the yoyo. That includes it being able to tilt. Bimetals feel almost too good. I know that sounds dumb. It feels like auto pilot. Its like those cars that keep themselves in the lane. I would rather make the adjustment myself. I think the fact I have yoyoed for roughly 15 years makes me prefer designs that would considered dated.


And the Statement isn’t really your run of the mill outer ring bimetal either. The ring placement doesn’t give it that typical outer-ring bimetal feel.


Mid-set Bi-metal is something I’ve yet to try :face_with_monocle:


I feel you on this a lot. More rim weight may equal more stability, but I prefer control and sensitivity in my yoyos.

I love the Statement because it seems to fuse those two rather nicely, making for a very sensitive yoyo that retains lots of stability.

I find it easier to push yoyos with more mid weight to quicker speeds as well.

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Honestly, I’m cheap. I can rarely justify spending money on yoyos, and most bi-metals are pretty pricey. I have almost zero will to compete, and therefore have no need for high performance bi-metals.

I much prefer organics. Not to say that I would be opposed to owning a bi-metal, they’re just pretty low on my short-list.

Now, after saying that, this bad boy looks like my dream bi-metal. :heart_eyes:

Specs are in this post:

Profile is here :heart_eyes: :

This is probably the most hype I have felt for a bi-metal ever. Just look at that thing!! :heart:

Also, I have a Magicyoyo Katana, and it plays fine. I like it enough to keep it, but honestly, my Top Deck (monometal) feels more powerful and stable.


Oh dambbbbb that is fuego



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Wow! Thanks for point this one out.


Bimetals DO usually cost more than I’m willing to pay, and a lot of bimetals don’t give the full performance benefit you would expect from SS weight rings. Some of my monos do outperform some of the bimetals I’ve tried.
Out of the few I own, I’ve got to say my fav is the YYF Nightmare. I got it half price in a YYF sale and tbh it’s one of the most stable I own.


For the people who say they don’t feel like they have as much control over what their yo-yo is doing:

How is that any different than the argument for using a flat bearing over a centering bearing?
I would argue you have more control over what your yoyo is doing in that you have the freedom to more easily execute your tricks and push what you’re capable of.
I fully recommend learning on a flat bearing responsive to gain that control and refined technique, but once you have that, aren’t you just limiting what you can accomplish by continuing to use monos/flats/highwalled organics?

And for those that just don’t like the feel of all that rim weight:

Have you tried any bimetals where the rings are placed away from the rims? They don’t have the same super solid feel of a rim weighted bimetal while retaining a lot of the stability and spin time.

I tend to agree with @andy569 that it seems like there’s some dislike of yo-yo elements that are more competitive in nature, whether it’s centering bearings, v-shapes, or bimetal design. I get that some people really just prefer a certain feel, that make complete sense to me. But I really don’t get the argument of having less control or wanting to have a yo-yo that’s more responsive to inputs (aka tilts easier) when really that just amounts to limiting yourself IMO. Why not then use the narrow, small gapped yo-yos that were initially used for unresponsive play?


Pretty much mostly where I’m at with this. I bet I would really like something like a yoyo factory edge. But I just feel virtually no desire to hunt one of those down, or to drop that kind of cash.

I’m a father of three, and work full time. I’m not trying to prove anything with my yo-yo skills, and I quite like where I’m at and what I like. I make slow gradual progress when I feel inspired to do so.

I totally understand why people are in to bi metals, and I can definitely appreciate high performance yoyos. I love my top deck, that thing is a beast.

I am not super fond of v-shaped yo-yos or disproportionately wide yo-yos, both of which seemed to be a fairly common theme when it comes to bi metals. Would I consider any of those qualities to be inferior in any way? No, not at all. Just not my jam really.

I just don’t feel the need to purchase bi metals. It’s as simple as that.


I just don’t like good yoyos.


Well said :joy:

I dont like bimetals. Mainly, I suck at yoyoing. Having a more expensive throw doesnt do me any favors. I pretty much have just been sticking to simple tricks. I get more than enough spin time with monometals.
I love fishing from my kayak. I got it for $150.00 17 years ago. There are fishing kayaks that cost over $1000. Mine works great for what I need it to do. It floats. I just cant justify an upgrade that isnt necessary.


If anything bi-metals are more resistant to dinging