People who don’t like bimetals: why?

Well I guess the question is then, do you value stability and spin time, or do you value control over the yoyo?

I believe that all metal yoyos now-a-days have more than enough spin for a one throw prelim freestyle, so I’d rather boost the control element.

If your control is fine and you find that you’re running out of spin time, then by all means, use something with more rim weight.

Personally, I never feel limited by lack of spin time or stability while I use a Grail, or something of that style. I also don’t feel like I can’t hit tricks because of lack of control with a rim weighted bi-metal. I enjoy both, and use both. I do tend to prefer things on the more reactive side though.

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I had a Draupnir. It was awesome. I sold it and I never want one again.


I don’t get how less stability = more control. The less stable, the more the yoyo should tilt and lose control. I always thought stable (or heavy) yoyos gave more control to the player.


I think control isn’t as good a word as reactive. Yoyos with more mid weight are more “touchy”.

You and @codinghorror must get along like a house on fire.

What you mean is that you determine what good yoyos are and therefore, people who don’t share your perspective don’t like good yoyos.

No one here would say they don’t like good yoyos.


Bimetals: As polarizing as Led Zepplin’s Stairway to Heaven.

I don’t own one yet, that’s just my observation of the thread.

I’ve owned dozens of bimetals. Inner rings like the Elite and the Charm. Outer rings like the Blockade, Nightmare and Firrox. I’ve owned the midset bimetals like the Edge and Statement. Inset bimetals like the 2sick Knight and Blitz. Plastic metal hybrids like the iceberg. I’ve literally owned probably 30+ bimetals.

I have since sold every bimetal in my collection. The one the I kept the longest was the OG Elite and it plays least like a typical bimetal.

Why? Well honestly it’s just a preference in the feel in play. When starting out all I wanted was bimetals with the most power and rim weight possible to make learning tricks easier. Now the feel of a bimetal or heavily rim weighted mono metal just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Even something like the VTWO just isn’t what I like anymore and it’s a mono. Lots of rim weight just makes the yo-yo feel dead to me now (except MVP3). These days I really enjoy a small and light organic that feels like a delicate little bird and responds to my every command. Sure they are less stable, but to me they are just more fun.


Assuming that the definition of ‘good’ is ‘what you like’?

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I have far far less experience with bimetals than you do, however that is pretty much how I feel too.

Clearly we just don’t like the good yoyos.


Better performing. More stable. Best for competition. The Draupnir was/is considered the best yoyo. The most good yoyo.

Yoyos have gotten better, more good, over the years, we should all know why that is.

Of course I say “people don’t like good yoyos” and “people like bad yoyos” instead of picking my words carefully on purpose, for dramatic effect :joy: but people should know what I mean by now, it’s interesting how people pick apart your words when they don’t agree so you have to be extremely clear and descriptive of what you really mean.

For how I used it, good is more objective and does not necessarily mean fun, which is definitely opinionated.

With that definition of good in mind…

I generally like good yoyos. But I don’t like all good yoyos. I didn’t enjoy the Ignition. While it was a good yoyo, I found it boring and it was not fun for me to play. Probably because it was too heavy for my liking. That’s just my preference. Other people have their own preferences. Such as generally not liking good yoyos :wink:

Edit: Oh boi I see @Glenacius_K is getting ready to pick apart my words again. I luv u Glen and want u go know I have nothing against u :heart:


Since you seem to love “good” (rim weighted) yoyos, I’d be curious to know what “bad” (organic or mid weight) yoyos you have owned. Maybe you just haven’t played the right “bad” yoyo yet?

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I’ve decided not to waste using my grey matter to reply to everything in your ridiculous post.


I’ve had a lot of undersized yoyos, especially earlier on, that I found out I actually don’t like once I started using full sized and rim weighted yoyos.

I’ve had a Markmont Classic, which I didn’t love. I know that’s more of a performance O but still.

Plastics are fun here and there for a little while but I don’t enjoy playing them often or for long periods of time generally. I like the play style of the First Base because it’s light and zippy but I don’t throw it much.

I’ve definitely owned more undersized and plastics than organic monometals. I know I have had a few organic monometals too but I can’t think of them off the top of my head right now.

I already know your perspective and exactly what you want to say.

You should at least understand on my end too.

I think it’s fine to disagree as long as the 2 sides understand each other


What you think is fine, just not decisive as you would like people to believe.


There. Someone has finally said it.

You need to lighten up

Yeah, perhaps.

It’s for dramatic effect Glen!

I think you let @codinghorror and I bother you too much :joy:

Maybe we’re just misunderstood amirite Jeff

But yeah, we could get into long debates about all this but we already know each others perspective so there is no need.

I’ve learnt that arguing with people like you is to no avail. I won’t bother. Mostly for the sake of everyone else here.