People who don’t like bimetals: why?

Even better, don’t argue with anyone

Not better.


But there’s been enough trolling about this topic that it gets tiresome.

Us older folks (just speaking for myself here :wink: ) are not always going to appreciate the trolling because we recall a time when that was not necessarily the norm in social discourse (though I’m cool with provocation, trolling is often just cheap provocation that eats away patience and useful energy).

What’s the solution? Just troll back? Hmm… I am guilty of that too I guess.


Couldn’t you say the same thing about you though? :thinking: You seem pretty stubborn too

My perspective might not be the right one but that doesn’t mean yours is


Idk if I would call what I’m doing as trolling but Feel free to troll me back!

Saying people don’t like good yoyos here is trolling - that’s most def not the case.

And trolling back just perpetuates something I don’t necessarily like.



Back to the original topic, I used to not really like bimetals, but now I really want one. It’s great to feel power and stability.

Reason why I didn’t like them was because of how they felt to play. I don’t mind anymore.


I will say I do like how you put this tho

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Correct. Mine is not the right one either, but I won’t try to suggest that someone is wrong for not sharing mine.


Sounds like you just haven’t tried the right “bad” yoyo too me. Get a hawk or a parlay and throw it after a long day of work when all you want to do is chill and decompress and then get back with us. It’s about having the right throw for the time and place not the “best performing”.


Well I appreciate the different perspectives on the forums - and that includes the range of ages and experience here. It’s just that some points can be made differently that’s all.

I any case, vive le difference, and enjoy high performance yoyos :slight_smile:

Bimetals are cool


I’ve had a Cabal and Benchmark O that I didn’t enjoy that much.

I’ve noticed with some organics I use them a lot the week or two and then I lose interest after the honeymoon phase passes.



Viva la revulcion!

I never feel limited by my yoyo choice. I guess I might land a new trick for the first time faster with a bimetal but I think the mastery of the trick would take longer.
More importantly I enjoy throwing mid weight organics more than anything else. So even if it would take me twice as long to learn a trick I don’t care. I just want to have fun and I have more fun with BAD yoyos. I don’t struggle to land any of my tricks more with undersized organics than a v shape. Frankly I feel less comfortable with a v and mess up more.

I think largely people who throw dated designs have different goals than those throwing bimetals. It’s like a racing bike vs a bike to stroll around town. Both do their job and should be enjoyed for that.

“Your platypus needs more purple.”


I’d still say you should try more. Benchmark O, MMC, Cabal are all very similar feeling. Something like the hawk, parlay, crucible feels very different.

Definitely think this is true. For me organics and undersized just don’t line up with my playstyle and what I’m looking out of a yoyo.


The only bi metal I’ve ever liked was the CLYW Gorge. I liked it because I found it didn’t play like a bimetal.

The reason I don’t like bimetals is everyone I’ve played has played like a brick on the end of the string, they all have this “thud” when it gets to the end of the string, I don’t like that. The other thing is, I like to change the plane of the yoyo quickly, and bimetals are so stable they (the ones I’ve owned) fight you as you’re trying to change their direction.

There are other little things, but these are the two big ones.


Well if you wanna lend me some of those let me know :joy: we can do a temporary trade too of course

I’m kind of over the buying to experiment phase, not tryin to lose anymore money especially with the dead bst market right now

This thread started as something cool to discuss but it went south faster than i can do a brent stole lmao. Amusing, i might confess but not everyone is going to feel the same.

My 2 cents on this is that the thing i like to do the most with my yoyos is blast tricks on them. Some yoyos (like most bimetals) make that easier than others, but sometimes that’s not what you’re looking for. I play with bimetals as much as i play with organics or something like that, actually my preferred practice yoyo is a yoyoempire touchmore, and i pick that before anything in my collection when i want to make or practice new tricks.

I know my answer doesn’t answer the original question but my purpose was to highlight that some people’s yoyo preferences might be tied with their objectives about playing yoyo.


I went back through the 59 replies. The thread is asking a question of those that don’t like bimetals. Out of 59 replies, there are only 4 replies to that question, the other 55 are mostly of people that are for, and like bimetals defending why they like them and knocking those that don’t. There were 5 comments of why people “think” others don’t like bimetals before there was a real comment made.