Bi-metal durability


I have read a couple posts, not many though, that indicate that bi-metals can sometimes start coming apart or rings coming loose (especially if they get a good bump to the floor). I have never had a bi-metal (though I am considering getting the iyoyo Steel), so, is this something that is really rare, somewhat rare, common? Do bi-metals last as long as mono-metal yoyos? Just wondering, if over years and changing weather/temperature/humidity the rings start coming loose?

how are the secondary rings generally attached? pressure, glue, welding, mechanically, tape :slight_smile: ?

Would this community say that a different material mono-metal (like the 7075 shu-ta, or 7068 Kenshin) which can have better weight distribution is equivalent in performance to a bi-metal of similar shape/style?

thanks for your thoughts

thanks for your thoughts

Im sure others will chime in a bit more aggressively than myself, but I have had bimetal Super Star and ive been using it to learn 5A with great results and after many drops, still plays glass smooth. I have heard of rings getting popped off or loose, but ive not had it happen to me, so i dont think its that common.

Out of the 4 bimetals I’ve played, they really don’t play substantially different from monometal yoyos (some of the ones with massive stainless steel weight rings feel different however), so yes, I would say that the monometals can play just as well. It is all preference however.

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Rings on every bi-metal are held in place through pressure. The loosening of the rings depends on the yoyo and how hard you ding it. You shouldn’t have any problems with the Iyoyo Steel though.

If you’re still unsure and would really rather get a mono-metal, the C3 Radius and YYR Sleipnir are your best bets. True bi-metal performance achieved with a single metal.

Kind of difficult drawing valid conclusions about ‘over the years’ durability, since nobody has had bi-metal Yoyos for ‘years’, lol😳

On the mono metal question < > If single metal Yoyos could effectively place weight as well as bi-metal Yoyos; other than visual impact; there would certainly be no reason to even bother with bi or tri metal yoyos.:thinking:

That being said; there are so many excellent single metal Yoyos available; nobody should feel under equipped if they can’t afford a bi-metal.

The very same folks that make excellent bi-metals; also make excellent single metal Yoyos.

A good single metal yoyo is not a recipe for failure.

There are some performance differences between bi-metals and single metals. But not enough to blame the yoyo because you can’t do a certain trick with it.

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I totally agree with Mo. To piggy back off what he said, I would put more stock in the people who designed the yoyo before I worried about what materials it is made of. People like Ernie at General Yo, Jake at G Squared, and Shawn and David at One Drop are just a few of names I trust no matter what the yoyo is made of… way more than just “John Smith” with the latest bimetal.

Some bi metals have been around for years, (very few) I had a beef for like 3 years and dinged it a few times, rings never came dislodged.
Lost it, and now I have a new one I try and keep mint.

I have the same story as dust with the superstar, except mine has developed a tiny tiny vibe but it’s nothing that I’m bummed about, doesn’t wobble in the slightest.

Dropped my Nobunaga once outside and the ring came severely dislodged, but I was able to tap it back into place and it’s as good as new.

My others, haven’t dinged them enough to know.

It’s an issue that seems like it would be more of a problem than it really is. But if you are worried you should really get a superstar to start out. Relatively cheap, plays amazing, and fairly durable.

Very few…

And even fewer people (that I am aware of) have done any deliberate durability test; comparing bi-metals to single metals.


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thank you for the thoughts, lots to chew on. Knowing me, I will never enter a contest, but I will continue to learn all kinds of tricks. I will likely end up with a small (3-5), high quality collection, of yoyos that each are great.

There are some yoyos the continually come up in conversations (kuntosh, sleipnir, hideyoshi, shutter, etc.) that seem generally well liked and ‘proven’ - and my second purchase may come from that pool.


If you are looking for another “proven,” the draupnir would fit into that.

Yoyos are toys that are meant to be played with. Just have fun, and if you’re worried… Play over carpet :slight_smile: