Bimetal Durability

Do you guys think bimetals are any less durable than a monometal? Have you had rings dislodge? If so, what yoyo? Any particular reason why they dislodged?

I had issues with my nobunaga being finicky but nothing too bad. I have had no issues with the other bimetals I owned.

I have never had any issues with Bi-Metal durability. All of the “issues” I have heard about were either in the early days of their development and manufacture; or were from fans of manufacturers that did not make bi-metal yo-yo’s.

Now, it seems these “issues” have faded away with time.

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I had an issue with my navigator, hit my keys on my lanyard and developed a slight vibe after that. I’m hesitant to get bi metals after that except for my SF throws


I knocked a rim a little crooked on an Elimination by slamming it into the ground playing 5A but was able to press it right back into place by standing on the yo-yo half. That’s about it.


I have had trouble with Every single bi-metal I own…

Every single one of them seems to dislodge the money from my wallet😳


You stood on it? :joy:

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My friend got a Kodak where the ring got dislodged after about 30 min of play, he pushed it back in, and it played fine. I️ haven’t had any issues myself.

Most bimetal I feel today is built quite well and I have not issue with any. I have heard stories of some losing ring or developing some vibration but all of my own I have not experienced.

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I have the firrox and the shift and they are fine when it comes to the rings.

I’ve had rings knocked loose on a Nightmare. I’ve also played a vacation and a stealth with loose rings.

I’ve never had a problem with one that didn’t have rings just clamped on the edge of the cup, though, which is not that common anymore. I’m betting it was just that early design, although I’m not willing to chuck expensive bi-metals into the ground to find out.

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I think vulnerability to damage will depend a bit on where the bimetal rings are:

  • outer rings “above” the aluminum (edge)
  • inner rings “below” the aluminum (cognition)
  • edge rings “beside” the aluminum (haymaker x)

There’s also some where the bimetal is wedged into a “sandwich” along the rim, this is kinda uncommon, the only one I can think of at the moment is the radical seas / 2 sick tempo? Like this:


Oh wait :thinking: after further consideration – Grasshopper X and 2sick knight, they also have the uncommon bimetal “sandwich” on the rim.