Do Sengoku Nobanuga's rings fall apart easily?


I heard that the Nobanuga from Sengoku has a defect where the rings get a bit distorted after taking impact. Is that true or did they fix that?


Any bimetal can have this happen. I’ve had this happen to my nightmare and was able to push the ring back in place. Also had my Firrox get vibe and noticed one of the rings shifted. Had also gently tapped that back in.

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Honestly, if the rings on any bimetal are taking hits, expect it to distort or displace them. They aren’t really made to take hits.


I think this post nails it. I don’t see any bimetal yoyo being the same after it gets smacked into a floor or something else solid.


Some (I think) might be able to handle it better than others, especially ones that have the rings set in a bit (Hideyoshi, many of the YYJ’s) or rings that are inside the cup (Like many of the TPs, Igloo, Masamune). I am not willing to test this out however :slight_smile:

My Rave had struck an object on one of my clumsy throws and since, it’s had permanent vibe. I don’t see any visible dislodging of the rings, just a ding on the aluminum body of the yoyo. It had struck some exercise equipment in my living room. The ring still could be slightly dislodged but I can’t really see if it’s actually slightly off or not.


I think that is crazy! I dropped my nightmare before but it still plays fine! What are some more bimetals have rings on the inside I think ill look into those. I also heard the tantalizing is extremely durable, but how can this be with it having its rings on the outside!


Also how much does vibe really affect a yoyo?


Performance wise? none, except maybe grinds.
Wobble however, are much more different stories.


Is it vibe when you can lightly touch the yoyo while spinning and it clears out? Also what is wobble and how is it caused?


I don’t think so, vibe wont disappear with a touch.
Wobble is when a vibe is too much so it affect performance.


Pretty much dead on. The rings are not glued or welded into place so a good hit will shift them, especially since they are one the outer rim and generally the first part of the yo-yo to come in contact with the hard surface. That being said, even rings inside the cup will shift if the outer rim takes a hard enough wallop.

Vibe and wobble are caused by many things; two of the more common causes are some sort of machining defect or a deformation of the yo-yo during play such as smacking it against a hard surface. When those happen the weight is shifted. A small shift usually results in a slight vibe. Vibe doesn’t effect play much and can give the yo-yo “character”. Wobble is much harsher play, think of a washing machine off balance. Then there is a pulse. Pulses are unique and if you look at the yo-yo you can see a pattern to the off balance vibe of the yo-yo. None of those are corrected with a touch to the yo-yo. If you can correct it with a touch then that is generally just a bad throw.


Then it obviously did not hit the floor hard enough to cause any damage. You got lucky. A hard knock is going to dislodge them slightly. For that matter you can damage the bearing seat or the axle threads, or bend the axle on any yoyo, single material or bimetal, by hitting something with it. A glancing hit or drop will be fine, but hit something hard enough and it will be affected to some degree.