Vibe on Nobunaga

I was playing with it, and I accidentally knocked it against my belt buckle. I was playing with it regularly. It started vibing afterwards. The yoyo still has vibe now, but not this much when I fist got it. There are no noticeable marks on the rings, than when I first got it. I don’t know how it was hit, but I know that it was somewhere on the rims.

Did I hit the SS rings too hard? Is this tunable/fixable? ???
Any response/answer to this question please :smiley:

Does it look like the ring moved at all? I hit my rainfly and the ring got shoved in a little bit. I was able to use a vise with soft jaws to fix it.

Not quite sure. I did notice that on the side that I hit the rings on; the seam of the SS rings and the body feels rougher than the seam on the other side. I can’t see if the rings moved at all. How can this be fixed, by using your solution; if at all?

I used something like this:

And just wedged the yoyo side in and tightened it down. It kinda squirted the yoyo out as I tightened but it was enough to push the ring back into place. No idea if this will work on a Nobunaga.

Are you sure it’s the yoyo and not the bearing, check that just to be sure. If it is the yoyo, maybe try tuning it. Check for problems with the bearing seat, very carefully remove any imperfections if they are present. Check response system for ripped silicone or something. Then report back. I really hope it isn’t the yoyo.

I just did all that you requested. From what I can tell, there are no imperfections on the bearing seat or the response. I do not have any spare bearings to tune properly. The vibe is still present now. The rest of the play is not affected with this new found vibe, than when I first got it.

Here are pics to clear speculation. Please share anything that you can see, that I may have missed over. These are the most detailed pics that I could take. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm not really sure what else to do. If your sure it’s not the bearing then I guess you gotta keep playing as is.

If you have a level that is decent, you could test each half and see if it is off at any point and mark it with an attempt to make it more true? I don’t know if they are just pressed on or glued but if the latter, maybe it lost some causing the imbalance?

Yeah I’m not sure what to do. This is the first time that this has happen to me. Now that I know that this can be future problem, I will be more cautious. I really don’t mind the vibe, but it is a little weird getting used to. I still hope that this can be somehow fixed, for I will know if this happens again. Thanks to everyone who implemented their response. If any has any more suggestions, then please reply. :smiley:

Feel the vibe on each side separately
And try to fix the vibe

Actually, I think that the SS rings did move slightly on one side. I confirmed this upon further inspection of the yoyo. The top half of the seam is smooth, and unaffected. The bottom half of the seam is however rough, and uneven with the top half. This lead me to believe that the bottom half is the SS ring that was shifted. Please correct me if I am wrong. This is again the most detailed pic that I can offer. I do not know if this is too hard to see :frowning: Please input any opinions on this matter. Can this be fixed? How? ??? Any solution acceptable.

Tighten your axle.

Really doubt this is it. I’d bet its because of the shifted ring. Not sure the best way to reposition it besides brute force. Maybe PM NeoHamster?

Just seems odd that a hit on a belt buckle would cause it to shift. I’ve done that numerous times and it isn’t that much of an impact if any.

^^I kinda wonder if the belt buckle is the culprit :-\ I hit the rim on this type of belt buckle :stuck_out_tongue:

On another note, I was doing popping tricks. I lost control, and the yoyo got smacked onto the buckle. A strange thing to happen, if a shifted SS ring was the result. This is probably one of those one-off things that can just happen to anyone, a sort of irony I suppose… Why me? I don’t think that I’m going to wear this belt again :’(

When I did it to my Rainfly I couldn’t believe it. I was surprised how little it took.

^^I was shocked too, when my nobunaga started vibing like now :o

Is easy, if you think your Nobunaga has some manufacture problems, contact Sengoku.
We are aware that some of the yoyos rings can move during some weird hit angles, it is a known potential problem with all big rings bi metals. We are working on release every single yoyo as hard as Thor´s hammer, in the meantime, we´ll cover any design/manufacturer flaws with outstanding customer service, so you can buy any sengoku yoyo without worrying about any trouble (2 months and common sense apply, like dont throw a bi metal over concrete, or use it as fireworks platform on 4th of July! :slight_smile: I´ll be happy to assist you and if is the case (even if you bought it from another retailer) replace it with a shiny brand new smoot Nobunaga! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks! ;D

This is really cool.