New Yoyo


What I want:

Slightly undersized(about 50-52 mm)
About 36-40mm wide.
LONG SPIN TIMES!!!(Don’t like having to bind while learning tricks, want to just be able to keep practicing a trick over and over a good amount of times at different rpms before getting it to return)
Smooth finish
Good Binds
Stable, doesn’t tilt
I don’t want to go over 70 shipped.

Feel free to suggest more than one yoyo. My current list of maybes:

Cafe Racer

I would probably have to say the oscillatrix and in a very close second the cafe racer. The oscillatrix is stable and really long spinning. But i have heard the cafe racer is really fun ;D

Just about any of those will work, but the Beysick is one of my favs!

How is the finish on the beysick?

The finish on the Beysick is really bad for grinding. It seems like its polished. I love my Caferacer. Oscillatrix is a close second.

Added and removed results. Vote again please?

Definitly do not get the yuuksta, it doesn’t spin as long as you would want and it will turn over on you very easily. I used to have one and was very displeased. Hope that helped. I voted for oscillatrix, it looks like it would have the spinn power you need.

I feel if you change the bearing in the caferacer, it can spin as long as some of the powerhouses. It’s sooooo comfortable too. If you want, pm me and I’ll give you a link to where you can get special edition colorways.

Narrowed down. Which one fits my needs? A vote is all I need. THANKS!!!