YYF BOSS or One Drop Cafe Racer?


Which is better to buy?


Both great throws… go with whichever one you like better.


I got the BOSS and it’s cool.

I also know OD to make some really sick yoyos,

Go with which ever you think looks coolest.


These are some vastly different yoyos. It might help us to be able to make a recommendation if we had a sense of what you’re looking for in a new yoyo, and what your preferences are.


I agree with JRod,

However, I just bought the cafe racer and it is amazing! So smooth and just a great throw, feels good in the hands and good good stuff. I have not tried the boss, but I have tried two of the other $60.00 YYF throws and they do not compare to the cafe racer in quality, however, I have not tried the Boss and have heard good things about it.


The BOSS used to be an $80 yoyo but they lowered the price because not enough people were buying it.


I’m lookin for a yoyo that grinds well, spins long, and does a moderate speed gyro without losing control easily.


Go for the Cafe Racer then. The BOSS’s coat isn’t great for grinds other then IRG (The lip is fantastic for 'em.) which it’s the figgen best yoyo I have for IRGs by a lot.