what YYR should i get?

first of all thnx to all the people that helped with my previous questions you really helped me narrow down my choices your the best and i appreciate it.
on to the topic, i decided to get a yoyorecreation and a protostar, as for the yyr on yoyoexpert there is the gleipnir messiah overdrive dreadnought z on mr butcher …
if you can help my preferences are a yoyo that is undersized that’s okay as long as it is stable and long spinning and excells!!! at horizontal, that’s what i am looking for
bonus qestion can you describe how the cafe racer plays in 2 words? for my bro because i dont want to make a new post just for a 2 word description thnx

Mr Butcher is supposed to be pretty sweet

I don’t know about undersized YYRs but you should definitely try the Draupnir.
Stable, and made to play horizontal tricks.

Based on your preferences, you probably want a Messiah.

Yeah I say a messiah as well, but you can’t go wrong with a draupnir.

My two fav. YYR’s are the sleipnir and the messiah :smiley:

Idk much about YYR yoyos, but the cafe racer in two words: awesome sauce.

The sleipnir is probly the most recognized with their brand but you could always just get the draupnir since it’s an updated sleipnir if I remember right and their newest throw

How is this a helpful reply to the topic of this thread?
Did you read the topic?

Please reread the topic and confine your answers to that. If you want to talk-up your favorite throw; please do so in another appropriate forum thread.

The OP asked for a 2 word opinion on the Caferacer, which is exactly what Phil stated.

Ooops, you are right, I missed that last part when I read it.

As Rosanne Rosahnadanna would say: …Never mind.

Edit: I would not compare the Cafe Racer with any YYR models. They are born from a different philosophy altogether. YYR are made for high performance, competition play. The Cafe Racer is more of a Sunday afternoon; kicking back with your friends kind of throw. Apples to oranges.

This is a very good comparison. The Cafe Racer is a laid back, take everywhere with you throw–something you don’t mind damaging or dinging. This is not to say you can’t take a YYR throw on the go, but I’d be more hesitant to play a Draupnir over concrete than I would with a Cafe Racer.

The Cafe Racer is one of the only One Drop throws I did not like. Nothing wrong with it, it just didn’t work with my preferences. I think it is a great value for money, and plays pretty well[. It’s a jack of all trades, master of none sort of yoyo. It’s unspectacular, but in a good way.