Christmas present!


I am wondering on what i should get a cafe racer a capless or a freq. Wave i dont know what to do i am so confused D: please help me.


My suggestion: Freq. Wave.
I don’t have a Capless yet, so no comment but I will be buying one at some point.
I do have the Cafe Racer. I also like it a lot, but it’s small. It’s still a good performer.

I think for bang for the buck, the Freq. Wave and Capless are going head to head there.


Get the one that fits your preferances the best, they have different specs and shapes so it should be easy to pick which one to get.


the thing is i am new to yoyoing fairly and i dont know what my preferences are yet ):


I’m new to yoyoing, too. I got a Capless first (and only) out of the 3 you mentioned and well, it doesn’t matter what your preferences may or may not be, this is going to hit at least a few right spots for almost anybody. :wink:

On my Christmas list, though? A Cafe Racer! If my list wasn’t already so packed, I’d have the Freq.Wave on there, too. If you’re at all semi-addicted like me, it doesn’t matter which one you get first, you’ll probably get them all eventually. Hard to go wrong with Capless or Freq. Wave as they’re mid-sized throws. Cafe Racer seems like more of a purchase for once you have your basics covered and you want to see if you have room in your life for an undersized throw.


The Capless is fantastic!


There’s so many good yoyos around and under those price brackets, so it’s a matter of what you figure out your preferences to be.

The Capless and Freq.Wave are similar in shape. If I had both I could talk more about both, but I can’t, since I have no Capless yet.

I feel for what you’re looking to spend or have spent, I would just rule out the Cafe Racer. It’s a lot of fun, but I feel that even without playing the Capless, even the Capless would be better.

If you want to drop down in prices a bit, the DiBase and Halo are also good pleasers. The sOMEThING Firmy and V are also ones I would strongly consider.

I’m trying to keep this on the YYE site but I’ve got a lot of stuff that isn’t here that’s really good and affordable. Before I veer completely away, look at God Tricks, specifically the Bounty Hunter, Cyclone and Destiny. This is a low-cost brand with high performance that you should probably really like. Shinwoo also makes some decent stuff. While the dv888 ain’t exactly my thing, I can’t say it’s bad, I can only say it isn’t a great fit for ME.

Now I have to leave the site for a bit. The YoYofficer Aura is around $50 and really good, so good I want more from this brand. The King Yo Star Bossman is over-sized but a lot of fun and also around $50. I got a Hop King by this brand as well, and it’s growing on me but it’s wide so it’s a bit difficult to master at first. This is typical with the wide throws.

Other stuff you might want to go for might be other RecRev models, such a the Facade. This is a V-type shape, very comfortable and a good grinder with all sorts of IRG options. The TA-1 and TA-1S are really fun too, giving you a choice of metal vs Delrin. The shape of these two is more H-shaped, so it rests well on the finger for throwing and for grinds, but it’s not good for IRG-type grinds. RecRev offering fantastic performance at really great prices.

It’s funny though. For the money, you’re getting really great stuff. I know because I mostly speak from my first hand experience with stuff I own.

Developing preferences is just something we all have to do.

Again my cases are open for people to try. Set an appointment and throw your arm off!


Freq… Designed like a $100+ AMAZING! Capless is good too… For the price.