Best all around yoyo for 1a and 5a?


My budget is around $85. I like full sized metal yoyos. I’ve only played with a DM2, a Dv888, and a protostar, so I can’t really come up with a preference yet. I think right now my choices are the Freq.wave, the Capless and the Burnside. Feel free to offer any other yoyos as suggestions, too.


I have the Burnside and the Freq. Wave. I will be ordering a Capless in the not so distant future. So, for now I will limit my choices to the Burnside and the Freq. Wave.

You can’t go wrong. The Burnside is like a scaled back Code 2, using a very similar profile and omitting the side effects. Think metal Protostar done better. The lack of side effects is what drives the price down. It also lacks the grind rings. Other than that, it’s got fantastic performance, good weight and balance, very smooth and stable and is still OK for grinds since I think it has the pyramatte finish. Don’t let the price fool you, this is serious One Drop!

The Freq. Wave amazes me. It’s a V-type shape, so it’s got a generous catch zone. Amazing weight distrbution and a Crucial Grooved bearing. Smooth, stable, solid, great grinder. RecRev constantly surprises with the cost vs. performance, with consistently providing super high performance with prices that make little sense. This and the Facade are just amazing and priced completely wrong based on performance.

If I had to choose, I’d go Freq. Wave. However, all three are great choices. I’m actually stopped playing my Chief and Arctic Circle once I got the Freq. Wave. I know that will change but I’m really enjoying it. Yes, it competes up at that level! Then again, so does the Burnside.

(Owen) #3

The YYF Supernova since it’s on sale here at YYE, or the Werrd Hour.

The hour is (IMO) the best Yoyo in it’s price range.

But if you want to invest your money in a good Yoyo that’s on sale, and plays very well I’m 5a and 1a, get the Supernova

(SR) #4

YYF Supernova or YYF Genesis were each designed for both 1A and 5A players.


Which ones play the most similar to either a Code 2 or a Chief? Those are the highest on my wants list, but I don’t have enough money and/or my parents don’t want me to spend that much on a yoyo.



Any of those would be perfect for 1a and 5a. You can’t really find one close to a chief or code2 because they are all very diffrent but the supernova would be wide like them. I would say go for the supernova since you can get it pretty cheap but go for the 7075 usa models. They take way more of a beating.


Which ones are good on grinds?


Of my choices: Burnside and Freq. Wave, the Burnside is a bit smoother in surface texture. It can grind, but it’s not a great grinder. I think newer Burnsides have a better surface treatment as I think mine was towards the end of a run with older media in the polishing tank. The Freq. Wave has a better shape for grinds as well as a better surface.

Normally, One Drops tend to be good grinders.


the first vote for the capless i put in myself on accident :-[


???the capless is great


Try the destiny it’s not full metal though