New yoyo $50-70ish

Okay I have been yoyoing for a few months now. I am in the advanced section pt 2, just starting to learn skin the gerbil today. I have a few yoyo factory/ yyj yoyo’s, but would love to try a “new” up and coming brand. I don’t know my exact style/preferences, but I enjoy the genesis over the dv888 any day of the week. I guess you can say I like full sized over mid, because it just feels a lot more stable and better in the hand overall. I saw a few reviews on the capless and freq wav, but the freq wave is out of stock. Before I buy the capless I would like to know of any other good bang for your buck metals for the same price range of these underrated throws. Thank you for the input, and I hope I asked this question in the right matter and gave enough information. Thanks for the help and if I put this topic in the wrong section i’m sorry!

There’s a good amount in there. I’d recommend the Freq. Wave or Facade by RecRev, but they are out of stock and who knows when they’ll be back in stock. They are just outside your budget.

What other yoyos do you have?

While I’m no longer buying Werrd(not discussing that issue here), the HOUR comes in mind as a possible way to go.

The God Tricks Bounty Hunter is a bit over-sized but fun, solid, smooth, stable and I think just under $50.

The only thing wrong with the Capless is I don’t have one yet. Good stuff. I also would suggest the Halo if you want Delrin

I have a genesis, di base, North Star, code 2, a few plastics like classic, whip, one etc. I was wondering if the werrd hour is a better bang then the capless since it looks like nobody knows when the freq wave will come back.

I liked the hour, but I havn’t played the capless since like the week it came out, so I can’t tell you about that.