Icon or Cafe Racer

Hi guys im kind of on a budget and there were 2 yos ive been looking at, Hspin Icon, or OD Cafe Racer
all opinions are very appreciated

Cafe Racers are awesome. EXTREMELY comfortable, good price, plus it’s grindable, unlike the icon. It can spin for soooo long with all the rim weight, yet is extremely stable. Hope I helped! :slight_smile:

Oh man, you make me choose between 2 yoyos that I absolutely love.

First of all, I want to say that the previous comment about the Icon being “Unable to grind” is totally false.

My icons had great grind times as its finish was a very smooth and nice blast. I would say that it grinded just as well as the cafe racer.

The 2 yoyos are tough to compare as their shapes and build are quite different. Play wise though, I find them similar.
Both have a lighter floaty feel that is very nice on the string. Both are extremely stable and amazing players.

If I had to choose one over the other, I would give a slight edge to the Icon, as the shape and feel just suit my style of play much more than the cafe racer, but that isnt saying that the cafe racer is bad.

Its really a tough choice, but one that you can’t go wrong with either choice.
Flip a coin, your answer will be correct either way, and either way woudl be the right choice.


Haha, sorry 'bout that earlier comment; I thought the Icon was pike my Beysick, which had an almost polished feel.

Cafe Racer’s are great, but a dime a dozen. Hspin’s might be harder to come by in the future and it’s not likely they will be making more batches of existing models. I would go with a Beysick. Excellent throw.