help me choose an all metal yoyo

(Hardcore_Max) #1

ok so i love my DM but im currious about an all metal yoyo, ive been looking at the Axiom, DV888 and The BOSS, if anybody could steer me in the way of something that fits my likes.

so things im looking for in a yoyo- nice weight around the 70grms mark
- a wide gap for string trick play
- doesnt damage easy
- and is simple to pull apart to mod and clean
- finally the price range anything up to about $100ish
any help would be great


um the dv8888

(Hardcore_Max) #3

um the dv8888…

i need reasoning behind your choice not just blind preference


Out of the 3 you listed, I would also have to agree with the DV888. It is super smooth, with a nice wide gap. The IRG is great for thumb grinds. Very easy to take apart and mod. I had some problems with my BOSS trying to get the bearing and axle out, but non with the DV888. And with the money you save by getting that you could buy some extra parts to go along with it e.g. silicone, bearing, string…

As for the Axiom, I have not owned or tried one other than a throw or two.


I’ve been thinking about posting almost the exact same question. I have a DM and absolutely love it. I don’t need a new yoyo. But as I’m sure you can all relate to, I still can’t help but want them all.

How does the DV888 compare to the DM? Do they feel similar? Behave similar? Is there a night and day difference or is it more subtle?


wat he said and you wanted a heavier yoyo


I have actually never tried a DM. So I guess we’ll have to wait for someone to chime in on that…


Also, DV888 is kinda close to a DM…

(Mikey) #9

A DV888 is good for you, nice, smooth and mine is like… You can’t tell it’s a DV888 by the dings!


If you wanted a heavier yo yo then i wouldn’t go with the Axiom. I have DM and i had an Axiom and the Axiom is smaller and lighter then the DM. It does have a really wide gap though.

(Nova) #11

Ah, a smart one! :wink: But personally, you said you want a big string gap? Dv888 all the way, it’s the only one out of the three that I have, but I’m in love with it, I think I may marry it someday. Maybe. Maybe not. Haha! :smiley: The price is fantasmic, and is simple to pull apart and maintain. I never have modded any of my throws in the past so I don’t know if it’s better than average! ;D But seriously, you can’t go wrong with a Dv888, unresponsive out of the box, flashy, smooth, spins forever, amazing wait distribution, and despite popular belief, has tight binds. Highly recommended. 8)


So this Dv888 is sounding pretty appealing. Right now I’m resisting its siren song but I’m not sure how long I can hold out.

I hear a lot of chatter about dings. Just how easy is it to ding one of these up? Should I get one, am I going to have to carry around a big roll of carpet to lay down everywhere I go?


the only way you can ding them is if you hit it on the ground or something hard or if you do 5a


It’s not going to ding anymore than your DM. Just depends on how you play, and if you have a tendency to hit the ground on throws.

(Mitch) #15

Im shocked… My G5 has hit desks at school (Anything thing from wood, to plastic, to metal,) I’ve hit the tile in my kitchen, and even once on concrete… Not a scratch… Now these were fast taps and such but still, all that and its still pristine… So unless your walking the dog on concrete you should be fine

(Hardcore_Max) #16

cheers guys for all the suggestions by thesounds of it the DV888 is the way of the future so i will do a bit more study about it to back up all the good talk.