Need opinions on some throws

I’m wan to take advantage of the free shipping so I’m gonna buy 2 yo-yos.
I can’t choose between the onedrop rally, yyf shutter, and the equilateral(used one from bst)
As i always ask in comparison posts, I’m looking for:
1a, good grinds(thumb finger arm), some 5a capability, good spin time, And overall good play and comfort.
Please leave your opinions on what 2 ishould get and if there is a Better yoyo(preferably under $50) that would be better

Any suggestions?

Really would get a 86400 instead. It may be $15 more but it looks like it would fit you really well in all your requirements. The blasted shutters would be nice as well. Not sure how the rally is gonna work with grinds but should also be a performer. There’s also the minute which is worth checking out if you like smaller yoyos. I think they’re more comfortable in the hand myself. The first gen octave is also $15 and won’t do thumb grinds but is a beast of a yoyo.

Other cheap throws I would check out include:
Silly Goose

Thanks, I’ll look into those, but what is a 86400? Can’t find it on google :confused:
Any more suggestions plz ?

The 86400 is a yoyo from Werrd, you can get it on the store here:

Please help!

I want to take advantage of free shipping so please leave more suggestion/ comments.
Also when does the free ahippin on $20 purchase end?

I don’t think you’d be dissapointed with an 86400 and a shutter so why not get those 2?