"Advanced" player looking for a new yoyo

Hey guys, I’m new here!
I’m looking for a yoyo around the same or higher quality that I can afford (under $70)
and since the DV888 and the Velocity are the only two yoyos I have experience with, I don’t really have much to go off of. The only real requirement is that the new yoyo is good with [thumb] grinds.
Any and all suggestions are welcome!

So far I have been recommended the Werrd 86400, Rally (i’m not too interested in) and I’m looking at the Shutter.
I’m having a little trouble justifying buying the Werrd though since I question if I’m really “good enough” to be worthy of it. Thoughts?

Also I’m still open to ANY suggestions!!

The shutter would be my choice. It plays along side yoyos twice the price. I would also have a look at the werrd minute if you enjoy the size of your current throws and want to stay with something familiar.

If you can bind well, you’re “worthy” of anything you want to be. The Werrd Minute looks like a perfect fit for you in price and grind ability. It has a blasted finish and a slight lip on the IGR which should make thumb grinds a breeze. Blasted Shutters are coming out soon, but the IGR is flat like the DV888, so in terms of what you want to be doing I wouldn’t consider it an upgrade, especially if it isn’t blasted.

If you can bind and you can afford it:

It’s fine. Get whatever you want. Your choices are all great. You’re worth it.

You can’t beat the 86400 for what you get

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The Dark Magic is good at binds ;D

Just get the shutter and put the CT from your dv888 in it. You will most definetely love it.

That 86400 is legit. I have a Minute and it’s great, too. Binds are a bit grabby with the stock pads.