Two or zero


Should I get the freehand zero or the freehand two


FH Zero for sure! maybe you should get a metal drifter I love mine.


FHZ definitely.

No offense but I kind of hated the Metal Drifter.


New freehand 2’s are stock pad recessed so they play better out of the box. Sili recessed zeros are amazing though but you have to mod it to get that. Maybe get a flipside since it’s stock sili recessed otherwise get a different plastic at a similar price.

Others I’d look at are:
Alpha Crash


The Zero is amazing when recessed. Newer FH2’s are pad recessed but I’m not a fan of .555 pads so that’s just me. Heard they play great, though


Light up FHZs are recessed and the light comes out.


I’m just looking for a cheap good plastic for 5a

(major_seventh) #8

Classic. Upgraded. Period.


Surge, stock.




Yes crococorey it does play crappy stock but I modded mines silicone recessed it now it plays awesome.


The Zero and the 2 are very different yoyos. If you can the 2 yoyos will only cost $33 why not get both.


Define “cheap”? If you’re willing to go a little more expensive, the YYR New Diffusion is great.


I have $20. And I wanted to get the free hands cuz the counterweights are out of stock


There’s the yoyojam pinnacle if you can find it in stock which also comes stock with a CW


Sparhawk gives very good advice, go with that!