New Duncan Freehand


9 years ago, I entered a Customized Freehand yoyo into the World Yoyo Mod Contest. It was a Duncan transitional Freehand with white delrin rims. It was machined for custom spacers and a C size bearing. The halves of the yoyo were machined for brake pads.

Now, 9 years later, Duncan has released a New Freehand Zero, fitted with special spacers and a C sized bearing and brake pads.

Ok, so they are a little slow on the draw; lol.

Glad to see they finally opened up that gap a little.

Now if they could only do the MG with a C size bearing(which I already did about 6 years ago).

Well, at least in the next 3 years…

Better late than never.


Have you had the opportunity to try one ?
I would be very interested to hear how it throws.


they stole your idea! That’s wrong!


I don’t relley like duncan.


Giving it a normal bearing sized is not stealing his idea.


Or spelling, obviously. Thanks for the wonderful contribution to this thread.

Anyway, how did the delrin rims affect the play? Was there a noticeable difference?


(Brandon Jackson) #8

Duncan has not produced a Freehand or Fh Zero with a size C bearing. The “FH Zero Cyclon” are custom modified FH Zero’s.

(Steve Brown) #9

So when are we going to see some updates to the Freehand Zero? The design changed only slightly from the original FH to the FH Zero, and that design hasn’t changed in 10 years.

I’d love to see it become a relevant yoyo again. :slight_smile:


Agreed :smiley:


Yes!! The FHZ is great but I would never buy it stock.

I love my 2 modded FHZ.