High walled yoyo

Hey everyone. I’m looking for a fun to play high walled yoyo that would be good to help improve accuracy and skills. I prefer to keep the price point lower than higher unless there is a good reason. What are your suggestions?

Edit: I prefer unresponsive or the option to change to it.

high walled yoyos are fun. I had a yomega stealth fire (it’s just a fire ball with a wing shape). It’s hard to find a high wall yoyo with really good spin time that un-responsive. Just look around yoyo websites and find something that you like.

Duncan Raptor, Duncan FHZ, and others, but these just are the ones I remembered.

I’m considering the FHZ but doesn’t it require a lot of modding? I would be happy with a spin time close to my YYJ a Classic. Anyone know anything about the Legacy III? The raptor looks good.

FHZ doesn’t require much. Clean the bearing and remove one response sticker and it’s great.

I’m not against modding, but I hear friction stickers wear quick. Is it easy to make the FHZ a silicone response?


The regular friction stickers wear pretty fast. They sell a silicone version of the stickers that are a direct replacement and last much longer.

If you can find one in the BST, the SPYY Flying V was an absolute blast to play and exactly what you are looking for. I regret few yo-yo trades but getting rid of my Flying V is tops on my list of stupid moves.



its so underrated.

Dark magic II

The YYF One is a good inexpensive throw (with real high walls) and with the larger bearing it is a good unresponsive throw. Same with the YYJ Classic.
For a higher priced throw (about $44) DKiminator is right. Many of us have learned with the Dark Magic II.

I see I have lots of options as well as some high end ones which I will give some serious thought. Thanks for the input everyone!