FH Zero Review

The FH Zero is a small bearing (A) and all plastic yo-yo. The yo-yo has long spin times (1-3* minuets). This yo-yo is good for beginners to Experts alike.

This yo-yo plays good on the string but is not very smooth on the string because of the fiction stickers on the inside of the yo-yo. The yo-yo has the Duncan ™ Butterfly shape, it make it easy to land the yo-yo on the sting. It is somewhat light but still heaver than some yo-yo’s, this make it easy to move it on the string.


  • Large gap
    ball bearing
    looks cool
    take apart
    comes in different colors
    comes with different spacers for advanced play


  • Not smooth on the string
    small ball bearing
    friction stickers

You should get this yo-yo if your just getting into 1a or if you want to become a Yo-Yo Expert!

The FHZ and the FH2 will be amazing if you put in 1 dif-pad and clean the bearing! Unresponsive, smooth play!