FH Zero

How Good Is The Freehand Zero? I Know That The Stickers Wear Out But Is It Good Without The Stickers? ???

Yes - Siliconed recessed is amazing!

Yes - it’s good for a plastic yo-yo. I’ve never really tried one but apperently from the reviews, it looks pretty good!


I just received my first two yoyos in the mail today, a FHZ and a YYJ Journey. I started with the Journey but I couldnt recall it back into my hand so I switched to the FH Zero and I got a lot better results. Is it because of the stickers or the different center(bearing?)

I’m still having trouble sleeping past about 15-20 sec. Is there anything I can add to increase the sleep?
And what’s the difference between the tracion stickers and silicone rings? (silicone recessed??)

Either way I like the FreeHand Zero.

The reason the Journey wouldn’t come back is because it was unresponsive, which is actually preferable for most people. For an unresponsive yo-yo, you will need to do something called a bind for it to return to your hand. For more information on unresponsiveness and binding, I recommend watching these videos:


To improve your spin time, you will need to practice more on getting a stronger and straighter throw. This just takes practice.

Friction stickers and recessed silicone are different types of response. The friction stickers that come with your FHZ will wear out fairly quickly, so I recommend finding replacements. Recessed silicone is used for unresponsive play and is commonly used by experienced yo-yoers for tight binds and minimal response. I’m assuming you didn’t buy it from a store, because stock, Journeys don’t come with silicone.

Thank you very much. Now I know the difference between responsive and unresponsive play.
I bought them both from here but Samad had mentioned it.


Lgoody, The Freehand Zero is my favorite yoyo. Remove one of your friction stickers. It will make it a little less “snaggy”. Ive been using freehands for about 8 years now.

Thanks Mr. Jackson. Your a very good player and that crack in the face looked like it stung quite a bit. :smiley:

What was the name of that trick at 2:30. Eye catching.