How is the FHZ for an Intermediate Yoyo-er?

So far, I’ve been using a Yomega Brain to learn all of the beginner tricks. I’m trying to move up to the fancy intermediate tricks but the Brain isn’t cutting it anymore. So anyway, I just wanna know how the FHZ is, how’s the sleep time with a good throw? Would it make a good unresponsive yo-yo to do more advanced and master tricks later, or will I be upgrade to a better yo-yo for that? Sorry, I’m just really new to it all, but thanks in advance. =]

If you know how to bind,a legacy or grind machine will be great,if not,you can get a velocity,it is adgustable response,so you can set it for begginers to advanced,but you will have to upgrade from the velocity eventually, a FH0 isnt super good unless modded,but it can be a favorite when done so,but if you are new to yoyoing,you might not want to mod yet.

Hope this helps!

I would recommend a Velocity or a plastic YoYoJam for an upgrade. Or if you are willing to spend a little more, a metal-rimmed YoYoJam. These yo-yos don’t need as much maintenance as a Freehand Zero because they don’t use pads, which can wear out quickly. They’ll be able to play just as well, though.

Wow, the legacy looks really nice. I’ll probably be getting that instead since fhz needs modding plus the legacy it’s only a few bucks more. thanks for the help. =]

Wait,before you click that order button,make sure you can bind,anyway,glad I helped.

I’m pretty sure he can’t bind, since he is using a Brain after all.

I still stand by my recommendations. Although the Legacy is good, it may not be ideal for you at this time.

Well I definitely don’t wanna keep wearing out the padding =.

sigh unfortunately, most of the metal-rimmed yo-yo’s are out of my price range. Also, metal vs. plastic, does it take more skill to use metal? If so, I’m probably not ready for them anyway. thanks for the help though. =]

I can only bind from a brain twister but not a trapeze.

Well in that case,I think its ok,what yoyo r u usung to bind?

Metal-rimmed is different from metal. They will play at your level perfectly because they start out responsive. However, if they are out of your price range, a Velocity or plastic YoYoJam would be great for you. So, I would recommend checking out these and picking the one you like the best.

Also, I recommend watching this video for more efficient binding methods:

I’d have to disagree with that.

It’s a Yomega Brain.

I misworded it,if you are using a brain,then its not a bind as it is responsive,I would go with a velocity.

Well I was really liking the Legacy, but you two obviously know more about this than me, lol. Right now I’m leaning towards the Lyn Fury and Velocity. Really tough choice, Velocity seems to have more spin because of the weight on the edges while the LF would be easier for strings tricks because of the Butterfly-ish shape.

They’ll both have just as much a spin time and difficulty for string tricks. Spin time will depend mainly on your throw.

At this point, you can just judge by shape and looks to make your choice.

The velocity might have more spin time,but it depends on your throw. The velocity will be about as easy for string tricks,but the lyn fury has a wider gap. Yes,they do have ball bearings. Overall,I would reccomend the velocity for you

If you do go with the legacy, theres no better way to learn to bind, then by binding. I mean whats a few hand starts. My legacy was tug responsive before a broke it in, so thats a little while of play time to figure out your binds, but I also heard Lyns are great. So what ever floats your boat.

If I were you, I’d go with a Big Ben. Its only about $16, and its big to land string tricks.

Definitely a legacy because it is a great way to learn binding. It starts out responsive, so you can learn to bind. It helped so much that now even with responsive yoyos I always bind it and I never miss a bind. Even though I soon upgraded to the Dark Magic, which is also great, I still use my legacy for 5a. (also, if its not breaking in, i used thin lube and now its SUPER smooth.)

Actually, the Legacy should come unresponsive out of the box. Joe said he or YYJ accidentally lubed his whole batch of Legacys.

Because of this, I agree that the legacy is not a great choice. A lot of what you pay for in the FHZ is the CWs and DVD, so thats not the best either. I’d go for a plastic YYJ or a Velocity. People still use these yoyos when they get good because they are very high quality. A legacy is a great yoyo, but if you don’t know how to bind it wont work. :wink:

idk my legacy didn’t come unresponsive out of the box. I wished it had.