5A questions.

Hello guys and gals. I want to start to learn some 5A because it looks sooo uber but I got a few questions.

  1. Whats a good yoyo to start 5A that I would ding it and not care. I was thinking of a FHZ

  2. Does regular polyester string work fine with 5A or should I use 50/50 or cotton?

  3. How do I figure out the right weight for my CW?


  1. Any of the Duncan freehand series or YYJ Lyn Fury, Legacy, Or Projam
  2. Any string will work. I like the polys
  3. 10.4 grams to 11 grams
    Get a freehand zero you get 3 cw’s and you can use them on any yo-yo.
    I use yyf 888s and g5+ with duncan die cw.
  1. FHs, Lyn, Kickside
  2. Poly will be fine.
  3. http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,2707.0.html
    I’d recommend just trying out a few different counterweights if you can to find what you like best.
  1. You can use any yoyo that you could regularly use. If you have a FHZ, go for it. If you have an 888, go for it. Any 1a yoyo you have can be great for 5a.
  2. Not sure that it matters so you should be able to use the polyester.
  3. Experiment. Use something really heavy, something really light, and something kind of in the middle. Find which one you like most and then get something between that one and the one next to it (If you like the light one, get something between that and the medium one. If you like the medium one, get one between that and the other one, whichever you would think would be better.

I think it is supposed to be 1/7th of your yoyo’s weight.

I would go with the fhz. You get three coounterwights and once you ware out the stickers it will be unrespnsive.

And it only cost like $20 so if you drop it you don’t have to worry about dinging it :wink:

Well now I got the decision between the kickside and the FHZ. Pros and Cons for both of these in 5A plz?

I think you should get PGM cause it hes sillicone response while kickside has hybrid and FHZ has stickers unless its modded, it also has hubstacks wich are great for 5a. It’s pretty durable and it has great weight for 5a. But if you still want FHZ or Kickside I would say FHZ because it’s easier to do silicone recess on FHZ.

I dont know how to mod stuff or anything.

Then I would say PGM. Because if you don’t mod FHZ it will be very responsive. PGM is more expensive then kickside but PGM has better response system and hubstacks. PGM is worth the money.



I think first and last yoyo is PGM but im not sure. If not then just tell me and I will delete this.

Might be. There is another YYF yoyo like that. Its on YYN, I think its the Augie Fash eight8eight. Red and white. The red 1.0 version of the PGM has black rim stickers, not white. It does look like it.

He better of gotten 1st even though he dropped 3 yoyos :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he got 5th. Miguel Correa got 1st in 5a.

Yeah you’re right Miguel was first.

Miguels freestyle was much better.

It can’t be metal cause when he dropped it it sounded like plastic.

We’re starting getting offtopic.

The first one did sound like plastic. Sorry. I thought it was his eight8eight version. Red and white. The frist one, I think that is a Legacy with the caps off. The second one, was definetly metal. The third, I think was a PGM 2.0 in white.

The first yoyo was a prototype! :o
The last yoyo was a PGM. :slight_smile:

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  1. Well at first I used A Legacy but I think a Kickside or a Lyn Fury is good for 5A.
  2. Mostly I would recommend 100% Poly. I used it most of time with 5A. No problems.
  3. Well this part is kinda your choice. But If I had to answer then at first I used a Yellow Duncan CW Die and it didnt feel right till I used the Blue Duncan CW Die. If you can’t decide, and want other CW along then buy a 3 pack at YYE.