Ok… I really like counterweights. I already have a Lyn Fury… what would be the next yoyo down the road? and when would you recommend getting it?

How about an atmosphere??? Great throw. Signature yoyo for a 5a player. Cheap.

The thing about getting a new yoyo is that it’s not necessary. Unless you have already beat the crap out of the one you have. Nice thing is since there is no reason to get one then there is no time frame either.
This gives you an advantage over other skill toys. Buy when you want to!

Is your Lyn Fury unresponsive? If it is I would recommend the counter attack ( or die nasty ( If it is responsive, I would recommend the Legacy ( The Legacy is a great beginners binding yo-yo, and is also great for counterweight play. The Counter Attack and Die Nasty are great yo-yos for counterweight play, and are good for both beginners and advanced players.

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Then get a Die-nasty, and then when you get really good, probably a Genesis or Severe. But any 1A yoyo is good for 5A.

not any. But most.

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Accidental thank you.

Name one 1A throw that isnt good for 5A

ok easy Tom Kuhn’s Silver Bullet Two.

Why not?
It looks like a yoyo to me, a yoyo with a string can be used as a CW throw man.

How about a responsive yoyo isnt good for 5A?

The throw monkey is a good 5a yoyo that comes with a counter weight.

I play responsive 5A…
I’ve said this before
Any yoyo that’s good for 1A is gonna be good for 5A

Dont know, how much money you hav, but I’m using my ProtoStar to 5A, and I’ll never use any other yoyo for it. Its the best plastic yoyo, and it cant be dinnged ; - P . read some rewiews about ProtoStar, and you’ll know, that it’s only one yoyo, witch can be comparable to other, metal yoyos. Sometimes, I even prefer it to for example campfire. If you hav this 35 bucks for it, I really reccomend it. ; - P

Hope it hepls ; - P

A G5, its a little pricy but its a great 5A player.