5A....your opinions count!

I know theres alot of post about “what to get for 5a” but I was wondering, what do you like? Right now I use a Genesis or Project 2 but mostly Genesis, I was wondering what a good yoyofactory 5a yoyo is, second, what do you like in a counterweight? Be sure to post, and your thoughts count!!!

I love my BOSS for 5a and I use a Spintop Button

eraser cw. just put a hole through it and cut off some till you get the weight you like. everyone should try it out :wink:

Hmmm never thought of that, I’ve seen clay too.

it takes two seconds to make. i have a cool little christmas tree eraser cw. u know how in like elementary the teachers use to give out pencils and erasers well thats how i got this one

I have a little pikachu toy too, works super well

yeah but i like soft cws so erasers are good.

Its discontinued, but the catch 13 is awesome!
As for counter weights, anything fun looking and somewhat heavy (like 11 or 12 grams) is what I like

btw guys, i make counterweights, so do you know if the superstar is good for 5a? I want to get a hubstacked genesis since i like my genesis or just a severe and G5, i had a G5 and liked it for 5a alot too, oh i forgot to say superstar

I use Leviathan II with my own dice


I’m not one to throw 5A but I like to use my Kickside, FHZ, and before I got rid of it my Lyn Fury (I had a love/hate relationship with that throw)

i use my pgm with a bouncy ball, my freehand 2 and freehand 2010 with dice or head, and maverick with bouncy ball

this post is confusing. the last part

Plastic Grind Machine with red die. Dark Magic with red die.

someone told me that i should get a superstar and severe

I use a beat to crap meteor and a white rubber spin top button ;D

'09 Severe, Genesis, and FHZ.

im probaly gonna get a severe and superstar, and then maybe trade soemthing for my friends G5

wedgie or dv888 with a yellow duncan ball