5A throw

whats a good cheap 5A throw under $40?
whats your favorite 5A throw?

I just started 5A and I bought the YYF Protostar. So far, so good!

I’d say the DV888 is a good, cheap 5a throw. They make good beaters. I set mine up for 5a. It has a nice big gap and a huge catch zone, so it makes 5a for begginners. If you can hunt one down, get a hardcoat edition. It’s thick ano makes it harder to ding, which you will do in 5a! It’s also really well balanced. Look at the duncan Raptor too. It’s another great 5a throw.

Anything in the fundamental line.

All of the ones that I’ve tried are crazy 5a players. They are super stable and easy to play with. The small bearing lunatic is my favorite

They aren’t less than $40, but you’d be doing good to save up a little longer for one.

I think that they go for $50-60

I use my lyn fury for 5a and it’s awesome for it!

im thinking of getting a freehand 2/zero and mod it

I got a DieNasty, which I intend to use for 5A when I get enough skills.

I’m also debating some other YYF stuff, such as a Protostar for starting off with 5A.

If you don’t want to spend more than for just a counter weight, just use your favorite 1A throw to get started.

I personally use the yoyojam kickside cp only because its the only one that’s open for 5A but so far it works great with it plus I’m pretty sure it’s under 20$. :stuck_out_tongue:

dynasty, or protostar are great. also a modded FHZ. or check the b/s/t.

YYJ Destiny, awesome balance with the CW, makes 5A specific tricks such as beesting and whatnot, easier, $40 ish