Good 5a Yoyo

Now I know any 1a throw will be good for 5a but I like using my 1a yoyos for 1a.

What’s a pretty good throw in the 15$->30$ range I could tie a die to and not be to upset that I’m only using it for 5a? I already have a Protostar, PGM, a Dv888, as well as a Hayabusa and FHZ (which needs to be modded before I can play it at all…)

I was thinking DIENASTY or Counter Attack just because they are both pretty much stackless Grind Machines.

I think you should raise your spending limit if you can and find a Wedgie. One of the best 5a yoyo’s I’ve ever thrown.

If you get a kickside or a lyn fury and mod them, they are excellent yoyos to throw 5a on. And they are cheap!
And when I say mod I mean:
Red shims on eachside
Cleaned out and lubed bearing
Switch the o-ring(s) for silicone

Get a second ProtoStar. I have one I use for 5A and one for 1A Best 5A yoyo I’ve ever tried. That’s just me though. If you do end up getting one, it feels most comfortable with a yellow die.

I would save up for a Genesis. If not, a Die-Nasty.

The Legacy Brother

I use my ProtoStar ; - P