5A throws

what are some good bi metal throws to use for 5A im open to all companies

Any yoyo good for 1A will be at least okay for 5A, when you are talking freehand its more the ratio between the counterweight and the yoyo. So pick a yoyo you have right now you like for 5A. Weight it. Buy a yoyo with a similar weight. So basically for you, you would want to find a yoyo the shape and size you like to hold and throw, then make sure it is very close in weight to something you like for 5A. Anything else anybody tells you is going to be personal preference, and will vary huge amounts.
Example I think the best freehand throw you can get is a Duncan Freehand Mg. Now I know most people won’t like this throw, but in my honest opinion it is the best freehand yoyo made. Do I think you will like said yoyo? No, not at all. It is not forgiving at all. Which is the opposite most people putting up topics like this are looking for.

In the 5a division Tyler Severence used the Space Cowboy to win either worlds or nationals some year that i cant remember. So the Space Cowboy is probably a good yoyo for 5a.

I would maybe look into the VKSS. I’m sure the cowboy would be fantastic but you’re bound to knock the rings out of place and develop a nasty vibe.