YYF Replay pro for 5A?



I am interested 5A style yoyoing and I was wondering if the YYF Replay pro will work for that?

Also, is there any way I could make my own Counterweight? If so, how?




It would be a good start ,I suggest the Duncan free hand pro


That will be perfect for your first 5A yoyo!

You could drill holes through bouncy balls (add a small segment of a straw inside the drilled hole to keep the string from ripping the ball apart) or just use regular dice that would be used for board games and drill a hole through them (probably 2 dice all together).


Ok I will try it! but I probably will get the freehand yoyo or the canon yoyo when I really get in to it.

Thanks for the help!



Just to let u know, any yoyo is fine for 5a I use the skyva and it’s fine


Actually that’s not completely true :wink: Loopers, fixed axel, offstring, and many novelty yoyos are not fine for 5A (someone can probably use them but they are not ideal).


:joy: gods point I just had 1a yoyos in mind forgot there r other styles​:joy::joy::+1:


Hey guys,

I just forgot to ask how heavy the counterweight should be with the replay pro?

thanks for the help.



I think counterweights are supposed to be around 1/7 of the yo-yo.