Best YOYO for 5A

If you like SPYYs, why not look for a Spyder? I had one before. Great player. I think the DM is great also.

what about the plastics? like NOrthstar and Protostar?? im wondering because of when it hits the hard ground… the metal dings… does the plastic crack and chip or bounce?

There is no best for anything. I think everyone is looking to far into this. Just throw a counterweight onto a yoyo and have fun. If there is a trick you can or can’t do on your darkmagic, it will be the same on a brand new genesis/severe/whatever…

Now, if you are planning on buying a yoyo for 5a (which I am not sure why it was recommended to not have one JUST for 5a;I have four for that, and I know others with way more.) think about what you like about your darkmagic. Do you like the size? The weight? The diameter? The gap? Also figure out what you don’t like about it for 5a. Then take those ideas and do some research. Look at specs for other yoyos and find the one that most fits what you do like, but doesn’t have what you don’t like.

Good luck!

There is no Best Yoyo for any style.
However, I would reccomend the G5 for a Great 5a Yoyo, because it has a Great bShape for the Counter Weight, and you can also do 5a Hubstack Tricks, which is Really Cool. :wink:
Hope this Helped.
-Cody Wright

This was asked to me before so here is my response:

Well just like with 1A yoyos it is all about preference really, some people like their yoyos to still be dead unresponsive while others want a little grab in their yoyo.

For me, in 5A, I go for yoyos that are bigger. Well not bigger just full sized unlike in 1A where I go for the undersize. Like I use the FHZ and FH2 a lot but they are slightly to big for my liking and some of my tricks, but my main yoyo is my Lugnut (you know the modded projam, see attached picture) which has a 55mm Diameter (yes that 1-2 mm difference makes a big difference for me haha).

I also go for yoyos with really good stability and rim weight, Like the FHZ has some good stability for being taller and skinnier and my Lugnut is wider and shorter but has the weight rings to keep it stable during high speed tricks like a tangler. But you don’t want full on rim weight because you want some of that center weight to balance everything out and have a solid feeling yoyo.

Which brings me to my next point of weight, I usually go for a heavier yoyo because I feel that they can be controlled better while moving/sliding your hands up and down the string. However you can get a lighter yoyo you just need to pay attention to the ratio between yoyo weight and CW…weight haha the ratio is said to be 1:11 grams something like that, but I find that the duncan die is pretty well suited to play with the average weight yoyos. Just find a good ratio that you feel is good, after awhile of playing with different yoyos and CWs you will know what I mean.

However if you go with the heavier yoyo, you may need to get a heavier CW. Like my Lugnut which is 70 + grams (never weighed it b/c I don’t have a scale) is paired up with the Duncan Mean Die because it is slightly heavier.

Now with response I usually tend to lean towards the yoyos that have more response b/c once again I think you can control them better when your hands are moving all about. So this is mostly your preference, however this is why some 5Aers have their yoyos set up with pads which have more surface area to grab the string. Or have yoyos with thinner gaps like the Lugnut or the FHZ, and perhaps with the small bearing.

Small Bearings are also good b/c you can return it when the spin is almost dead, which can happen quite often with longer combos or new tricks b/c it is harder to keep the string centered between the yoyo halves during 5A play. But plenty of people also manage with the Large bearing, my 5A yoyos are about half large bearings and half small bearings…either bearing is fine I’m not so picky on it. Also if you need to, you can increase response by using a thicker string which I do on my Legacy and did on my Die Nasty before it broke.

Hope this helped you even though this is my preferences, here is a recap: Fullsized, Smaller gap (or something to make that little tug in the response), heavier, good ratio for the CW, Stability, bearings = either or both have strong points

Also, this is my preference

Metal yoyos are fine but I hate that ringing noise they make if they get dropped or the CW hits it at full speed.

The Lugnut

what about the PGM?? how well does that work for 5A in comparison to the Proto and NS

Sever3, 2, 1, and the Genesis all are really beast for 5A. I love it, and I can just sense that it’s beast for 5A when I’m just playing 1A. Or you could just get a Die-Nasty.

no get a glow dienasty, and glow string, and glow CW’s, then go out at 3am and yoyo on the street

the Die-Nasty looks really cheap though… how does it play??

The Glow Die Nasty plays better than the original Die Nasty in my opinion. But if you would rather have a cheaper ProtoStar get a StarLite if you want.

which is better?? the Glow Die-Nasty, The Starlite, or the PGM??? i’m looking for an all plastic for 5A

Probally the starlite, but the PGM is good because you can do hubstack tricks which is fun. The die-nasty is also very good. Neither of them will hold you back.

what would be the best plastic for counter weight action, cause metal for a beginner is not good

There r lots of goo plastics. Maybe the speedoholcic. It’s $13 and doesn’t have sharp rims and should work well!