Good plastic yo-yo?

Hey guys, I’ve got a couple metal throws and I’m looking for something I can take out with me, so I don’t fear the pavement!
What is a good plastic (unresponsive or very light response) that can take a beating and can go well into advanced tricks, maybe even into expert level.

I’m considered intermediate right now buy I’m learning about a trick a day to the point of completing 80% of the time. I then refine the trick the following days. I know the time to learn a trick will get longer as I advance, so I’m looking for a throw that will play more to the advanced side of the scale. I’m open to any price.

Thanks guys

new diffusion. what I always take out with me when I leave the house. bought a second one to leave in my car in case I forget to bring a throw.

Protostar, Northstar, Regen, delrin Severe, Diffusion 2, Rally. All $35-45 retail and easily found on the BST for $15-25. Of those 6, I personally prefer the Protostar.

i would say diffusion 2 as well, stable and smooth. thats my on the go throw 2

I’ll highly recommend the YYF Regen. Plays extremely well, I like it better than a handful of my metals.

the regens plastic is weak though… gets dents easily

I think they just restocked the Addiction as well, it looks pretty good though I can’t say I’ve tried one