Holiday throws?

I want some nice metal throws(or hybrids) that are cheap but still nice (like the vansword or magicyoyo) or quality plastics, thanks!

What is your price range?

Diffusion 2 and Rally for plastics

Shutter, Too hot, Level 6, Lava, Orbis, and Torque for metals


Tom Kuhn No Jive, OUT Cheap Thrills and Vintage Duncan Butterfly for fixed axle.

what sparhawk said


I would like to add the Horizon and CZM8 to the mix as well. Pretty much any of the budget Yoyofactory’s or Yoyofficers are a safe way to go. ;D

For plastics: A one star if you are brand new. A speedaholic if you have more skill. A diffusion is pretty sweet if you have even more experience.

YYO Kilter plays insanely good for $30.

Have it and love it