Looking for a new daily throw

I’m looking for a new YoYo to use for daily use, like when I’m out. I want something inexpensive and metal or plastic. I really love my One Drop Code One but it’s pretty expensive and I don’t want to take it out with me. My price range is up to $40ish. I’ve been thinking of the YYR Diffusion. I have a lot of yoyos but none I really, really like. No YYF or YYJ yoyos because I want something different unless they are amazing.
Thanks for your help and time,

*EDIT (1/12/15): I changed some of the thing I am looking for because I don’t only want a metal yoyo and I upped the price max. ;D

Scour the BST for something, Code 1s often sell for less than $35 there :slight_smile:

The diffusion is one of the best plastics you can get these days

What other throws do you have so we have an idea of what to avoid?

I know you said metal but if dinging it is a big deal, go with a proto or shaqler. Sell cheap, cheaper in bst and honest, I reach for shaqler more than a lot of my metals and other plastics. If you dead set on metal, check out the n9, n12, t5, k3 from magic yoyo. They make pretty good cheap metal throws. If you want something on the yye sight, shutter is your best bet

BST if you have paypal. Find good metals there.

If not I say Northstar, if Jensen Kimmitt can win worlds with a Northstar then I say its a good yoyo.

Thanks for the overwhelming response guys! I want to avoid YYJ and YYF yoyos because I have enough of them but I am getting into the Phenom (& others). Any thoughts on them? I’m also really tempted to get the diffusion but I haven’t heard much about them.
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Diffusion is a great yoyo! Don’t worry that it’s plastic instead of metal. It will do whatever you need it to do except most grinds. You can apparently get a “top-on grind” (aka fingerspin) going on with it, but I’ve had failure after failure trying to do that. There’s video evidence, though, so it can clearly be done. :wink:

You’ll be hard pressed to find a decent yoyo under 35 that isn’t a YoYoFactory or YoYoJam, especially a metal. My first unresponsive throw was a Yomega Maverick with a Konkave bearing. A lot of people really dislike the Maverick, but I think it’s a good throw and I still use it fairly often, though it does tend to be a little unstable at times due to the smaller size. I have a Northstar that was 35, great yoyo, you might want to check that out! I have also heard great things about the Diffusion, though it’s also not metal. But if you are willing to go above that price range at all, I can recommend most everything from YoYofficer! They make really high quality throws that aren’t too expensive. I’ve loved all of the ones I’ve tried or owned.

To add tot he list I just remembered yoyofficer
Hopefully the new Imp drops at yoyoexpert soon which should be very close to 35

There’s also the kilter

Would you consider undersized?

If so a C3 Token plays awesome and fits nicely into your pocket.