Got 50 dollars to spend, what are some good yoyos?


Looking for something 50 or under, sold on yoyoexpert, dont care about company, or whether its plastic or metal. I was thinking either the Werrd Minute or One Drop Rally. What are your recommendations?


Yyr diffusion, shutter, or level six. The minutes also really good. The only reason to get the diffusion is to save money, although it’s awesome.


I just bought a YYO Lava, I’m hoping it was smart.


I would say if its possible to get $15 more dollars (including shipping) then get a solid color Benchmark. I would go with V if you dont really know what you like, or if you already know if you like heavy rim weighted throws go with the H, and the O if you like organic more floaty slower throws =).

If that isnt an option I would go for anything that YYO has, a Shutter, Rally.

Or look on the BST and get even more for your $, some throws you can find for around 60% the retail price with little to no damage on them =).


For $50 you have choices.
C3 Level 6
Duncan Torque
YYR Diffusion
YYO Musket or Lave
YYF Shutter
All similar, all different, all play well, and all at $50 or less.


I got a Too HOT off the bst, and I’m getting a rally soon. Thank you guys!


I would highly suggest the Shutter. Probably one of the best budget metals of all time.


Don’t mean to be rude, but for everyone suggesting shutter, look at this.



Your thank you’s?


I’m using tapatalk, so I may be missing something…




  • Werrd Minute. Solid yoyo, a bit small but a solid throw. Dead smooth, very versatile. Also because it has a grind finish and is very capable of doing thumb grinds, you can do all of the tricks on the 1A yoyoexpert tutorials, which could be a bonus if you are still learning.
    -DV888. A very solid basic metal yoyo. Spins long and smooth.


  • Yoyojam classic alongside a C-sized bearing of your choice and a set of response pads. In my opinion i find the classic a better throw than even the protostar and the diffusion. It spins ridiculously long for such a cheap yoyo, and plays better than many expensive metals.



also, Classic sounds good, and also a level 6.