recommend a yoyo for me


Hello all. I’m at an intermediate skill level right now and I’ve got some stuff from the expert section on this site down. I’ve had both metal and plastic yoyos but not very many in total. probably only 3 or 4. I’ve got a very low budget $20-$40 and i need a new throw. both of the ones i had have come up missing and its been killing me not having one and i finally have some cash. based on my budget and skill level what do you think i should get? (new OR used) i prefer fast play but because im still learning i wouldn’t mind something slower and more stable either. i’d prefer a metal yoyo. thanks yoyo community


New Diffusion is very popular at the moment.


I would agree 100 percent with Yoyo, on the Diffusion Yoyo. It can outplay many yoyos that cost 2 or 3 times more money.

They look good too and are made to take a smack here and there.(which is a common occurrence when practicing, lol).

It is just much less dramatic when you clobber your plastic Yoyo into the ground, then a Draupnir.

The Diffusion would be an excellent choice within your budget.


For a metal yoyo I would say horizon. It’s a little out of your price range, but hopefully you can be okay with that. If you keep it in good condition, you’ll never need (not get or want) another yoyo (except for other divisions and for contests).
If you’d like to go really cheap you could get a classic with an upgrade kit totaling $18.09, leaving you with money to buy another cheap yoyo.


Yoyofficer has some good low budget metal yoyos.


Do you know how to bind? If you do, then I have heard really good things about the protostar. Hope it helps!


If you are interested in metal the YoYoOfficer Kilter and Lava are with in your budget.