I'm looking for a new throw.

I’m soon going to LA and I would like a metal throw that I’m not worried about destroying on the sidewalk. Price isn’t a factor. Any suggestions.

Plastic is the way to go then.

Too many to choose from. I’d say Protostar or Northtar, or even the Starbrite. Chaser ain’t bad either, nor is the Legacy II. Maybe even the PSG or Asteroid. Or if you really don’t care, the Whip is a lot of durable plastic fun in a very low-priced package.

But hey, if metal is what you want, the sky is the limit, right? I’d say a Shinwoo Dolphin. When I see stuff like “not worried about destroying”, I just see an actual lack of concern in general, so it doesn’t make sense to spend a whole lot of money.

I’d also recommend tying your string a little bit shorter. That should actually make things a bit easier and then you can justify dv888-type dollars, which also makes the Shinwoo Zen series more friendly to your end objectives, which is to have fun with minimal damage.

I’d still say do you have an upper range to your budget? RecRev makes some amazing throws at super insane low prices. The DiBase is also amazing. A few other brands just hit recently and have some good priced offerings. The sOMEThING Firmy just hit my radar as the price and shape are really good for me. But, if price is an issue and you wnat to drop your budget, there’s an alternate yet mainstream route for getting Magic YoYos that can be as low as under $10 shipped. I got an N9 for I think $23 shipped from China and had it in less than 10 days. The T5 and T6 are nice too, and at under $20 for sure(I paid $9.50 for the N6), they are some well make yoyos that are cheap enough where I don’t think you’d care if you actually destroyed them.

Well how is the firmy and Di Base because I’ve been looking at those.

I’m kind of a fast player and I don’t usually do slow stuff. Which would be better for me?

I’ve only been doing this 13 months, so I tend to go slow. The DiBase can move fast if you want it to. The Firmy, well, you know who designed it, so you know it’s built for speed.

I have the DiBase, absolutely love it. I think my issue with the Firmy is that it’s gonna be a mover. Again, I go slow, I fully expect the Firmy to be fast. But I like V-shapes. I think the Firmy is moving up on my wants list, but I can’t get it until July. I think the Firmy would be idea. I think the higher priced Phenomizm would be equally as good, but when you compare a higher priced plastic/metal yoyo to the full metal Firmy, the Firmy comes out to be a better value. They are both designed by the same player. You might want to contact YYE and see if it ships with a KK or a flat. If a flat, I’d say this probably would play better with a KK in it. If that’s the case(needing to buy a KK), the prices are almost a wash, but even so I think the Firmy would be the way to go, and I REALLY like the Phenomizm and Phenom.

The DiBase plays way better than the price suggests. It’s like C3 didn’t want to give up performance despite making a cost-effective metal. The Firmy also tells me “we wanted it on a budget, but we didn’t want to give up performance”.

I would suspect the sharper rims on the Firmy vs. the rounded rims on the DiBase should also be taken into consideration.

I think the Firmy might be an ideal fit.

Another interesting option, is the Square Wheels Royale. It’s H-Shaped, full sized and while it’s not a speed machine, it will gladly step up and play at whatever speed you want, although at break-neck Mickey-speeds, it’s not quite THAT fast!

Wow, if price seriously isn’t a factor, I would strongly recommend the Oxy Ti 9.06 by Oxygene. To quote the shop,
“The first thing people need to know about Titanium is that it has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. That means Titanium is about as tough as it comes and this yo-yo will stand up to more of a beating then any aluminum yo-yo out there!”
There, you can smash it onto the road, and not worry about performance issues. Fits your criteria perfectly.

Ok well 400$ is a little over priced.

So for speed you would go for the firmy?

I’d do it one better: If I didn’t just spend for a CLYW Arctic Circle and then a Sky Walker(and another order), I’d buy the Firmy right now. I missed out on getting an YoYofficer Aura for $50. I can’t wait for those to come around again.

Yeah, I think this would be a speedy yoyo. However, I usually play my Phenom since it’s long spinning and has a gigantic catch zone. I like the Magic YoYo T5 for the same reason, all catch zone. However, the T5 ain’t exactly as speedy.

If you’re looking for speed and budget, don’t overlook the Chaser or Speeder 2. I know they aren’t metals or full metals, but some serious stuff.

If cost really isn’t an issue, I’d suggest getting the yoyo you’re most excited about without regard to budget. Normal wear and tear on a metal yoyo doesn’t typically affect the performance at all and even the sharpest of gashes will sand down with just a smidgen of effort. I’m of the mindset that it makes sense to spend the time we have alive using stuff we really enjoy, rather than allowing ourselves to get too bogged down with cost-benefit. If a budget metal fits what you’re looking for in every way, great. If you’d be making any sacrifices solely to save money, I’d say don’t.

Very well said.

Play what makes you happy!

The di base seems pretty good im looking at getting at a cafe racer it seems awesome.
DFTBA (dont forget to be awesome)

get a yoyo facctory dv888 or a duncan raptor

What about Yoyofficer’s yoyos? They have great ones such as the Aura (yes, it’s spelled that way) and the Brace.
The Aura is a VERY “v” shaped throw, and is like a PHENOM and a Dark Sonic combines for less than 1/3 of the price!
The Brave is very much a Chief-like yoyo but with a bit sharper edges and a round nub. Also very much a bang for your buck.

They both play VERY well.