LF/WTB: first throw to practice ,plastic (diffusion,premier,yeti,big dipper,etc)


Hey guys, looking for my first throw. Preferably a plastic one, if you have a thin bearing for responsive play that would be awesome too!

something that I can practice, beat up, and learn on before moving to metal. Thanks guys!

Under $50 preferable, located in CA.


You should get a YYF One, it’s exactly what you’re asking for, and for only $10 or so


Free bump. I think the Replay or Replay pro would be a better choice. Just saying. :wink:


It’s a better yoyo, sure but I don’t know if the guy knows how to bind



I would look into something you can upgrade later if you like… yyf onestar, yyf replay, yyj classic, etc.

all 15.00 and under. I suggest getting something inexpensive in plastic because you will be wanting metal sooner than you think ;D


thanks guys. So I should go really cheap? I wasn’t sure if I wanted really cheap or something mid that I could use for a while.

I know binds, but only the basic front mount one.

I wanted the replay pro, if anyone has a thin bearing they want to sell, hit me up!


Nowadays the cheap yoyos are really, pretty good. The one star is light but I really like it.
Look into the velocity as well, you can adjust the response!


I think newer replay pro have thin bearing and can upgrade to reg c great throw for 15.99


The replay pro has a responsive option.


Right. That’sThat’s my bad then. Forgot they came out with those. I’m voting for that one too


Thanks guys, I like the look of the replay pro alot more, I might just get one of those and a responsive/narrow bearing. Thanks for the support!

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