New plastic

Hi everyone, I am in need of your opinion. I am looking for a new plastic throw I can bring with me and not worry about damaging. I have a PSG, and it’s too light for my taste. Would you guys reccomend a YYF Northstar, YYJ Legacy 2 or something else?
Also, my budget is 50$ shipped. Thanks!

Personally, I like the Protostar better than the Northstar. So I’d suggest you take a look at a Protostar. It just seemed smoother, and easier to maneuver. Just my thoughts.

The Asteroid is another one to consider. It’s about 2 grams heavier than the PSG. Even the Protostar is heavier. These and the Northstar are smooth yoyos and are horrible grinders though due to the surface.

Others to consider might be the Legacy II for sure, or if you want even heaver: the Chaser. The Northstar and Protostar should both he considered. If you want more options, there’s the plastic grind machine, giving you stacks and a great grinding surface, so options are always neat.

But if you’re looking to spend up to $50, are you willing to look at any of the YoYoJam metal/plastic yoyos? I know your concern about damage is why you’re going with plastic, but once you have more experience(maybe stick with your PSG a bit longer), this won’t be as big of a concern. Or maybe cut your string to the right length? Many people are beating up their yoyos because they are playing with strings that are too long.

String length isn’t a problem for me, I just don’t want to risk my Supernova on concrete. The PSG is just too light for me. I think I have enough experience to upgrade.

I won’t argue your experience. It’s just a question like that is more like what a newer thrower would ask.

I don’t see why you’d need to spend more than a Protostar or Northstar. But being cheap by going with an Asteroid ain’t being cheap. It’s low on cost, big on durability and amazing in performance. It’s a tremendous value!

Thanks man! I think I’ll go with a Northstar. :slight_smile:

If your looking for a pocket throw any plastic is a good choice, I’m actually getting a Diffusion soon, which looks like an amazing plastic! And its $40 which is a bit pricy for plastic but its all about the budget!