Looking for a budget/fun plastic throw!

So I have my main throw, my heavy throw, my beater plastic, but I also want a plastic that can play just as good as my main throw, and be able to carry it around without babying it all the time.

Price point: Anywhere to $30 at the most

Some things I were looking at was:
-YYF Northstar
-YYF Protostar
-sOMEThING Premiere
-Diffusion 2

Forgot the other ones, but I’m sure there are many budget plastics out there. Any tips/recos?

Upgrade Classic is beast.

I’d buy a YYF Delrin Severe off the BST for 25 bucks.

I would avoid the Northstar and Protostar unless you really love loud bearings that can never be cleaned or exchanged without buying a whole new set of spacers. Those YYF spacers man…

They are both fantastic throws, and I believe a very good value, but those spacers absolutely ruin everything. If I were you, I’d grab a OneStar, those are pretty great and real cheap

If you can get to 35$ the Diffusion 2 (NEW) is really good

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Noise are 100% due to bearings, so i don’t see any association between noise and the yoyo that could be used to discourage either of these throws.

Also, they can be cleaned, but cleaning dosent make them quiet
Lube does

While it’s true that yoyo halves do not generate any noise on their own, some yoyos inherently amplify the bearing’s noise. Proto/Northstars amplify the heck out of it. But it’s not like your eardrums are splitting or anything. Those are some amazing yoyos right there.

I also enjoyed the Diffusion 2. I didn’t fully love the sOMEThING Addiction, but I am very interested in their new Premiere.

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The yyf protostar is a great throw which is what I would choose.

sOMEThING Premiere just released, can’t really beat the performance for under $30.

What I mean to say, is that it’s impossible to clean or lube(yes I realize lube makes it quiet) the bearing at all if you can’t get to it because the spacers are stuck to it, and are near impossible to remove without damaging the spacers anyway.

The Diffusion was the yoyo taht I had forgotten to add. It’s between that on and the new premiere, both look awesome in green…

So maybe I should revise the question…
Premiere v. Diffusion?

That premiere has me curious. It looks like a great throw, and at an unbeatable price. If you get it let us know what you think.


Yeah, I might go for it. It’s pretty cheap. Also, I already have a classic, does it really play that good with the upgrade?

I dont understand those people who have the classic but dont want to ‘‘upgrade’’ it.
I played the classic and the diffusion side by side for a long time and even thought about writing a comparative review but ended up deciding that would be too trivial. They are more alike than a northstar and a protostar are.

The premiere has great 'looks;, but typically I cant let myself hold too much an expectation of an organic shaped plastic. I do hope i m wrong this time like always of course.

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How do you “upgrade” it?

Just a bearing and silicone.

What kind of bearing? There’s already a normal one in there


A non slim bearing, that unresponsive yo-yos have.

Alrighty, I’ll give it a go!