Which is more durable when it comes to dropping it and such. The PGM or the ProtoStar? Is one a good bit more durable or is it hardly noticeable. I want to know because I want to get one of these for road trips I’m taking soon and I don’t want to lose/damage one of my metals. Also if you have other suggestions I’m open to them Thank you.

PGM and Protostar maybe one of the best you can get at that price, also same as Northstar. I have both and I’ve used both and I’ve partly damaged both. Hmm… the protostar seems to be more sensible on hitting cement and on play, PGM is as good. But think of it this way, a high speed spinning yoyo spinning at a high rpm, anything would dent at such deal so I couldn’t tell the difference.

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Okay I think I’m leaning toward the ProtoStar because i have heard lots of good things about it and the main thing I liked about the PGM are the stacks which get old I hear… Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

I don’t have either but I think that the PGM stacks come off.

czyoyo :wink:

Wait, wait, wait. Are you talking specifically about the durablity or play?
Stacks do get old and they cause a tiny amount of vibe. NEVER choose a yoyo JUST because of hubstacks.
Play: Probably Protostar
Durability: PGM
Play and Durability: Well, PGM does have tiny to small vibe for me. Protostar has vibe ONLY when not adjusted to aligned gap width. Also, have you had any hubstacks yoyo’s before? Because it isn’t AS good as it seems. Over all, I don’t think you’ll damge it that mich so therefore, IMO, Protostar.

really the main feature on the pgm 2 is that it has hubstacks and thats y alot of people buy it because its a cheap yooy with hubstacks if u want to try hubstacks…

idk i like the protostar better

the design , shape , metal rings, center trac, and translucent colors

Thank you all for you help. And yeah I haven’t ever tried stacks and that was the main reason I was considering it but I have made my mind up and am ordering the ProtoStar tonight.

I feel happy for you. :wink:

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