pgm vs. popstar

thanks for the help

well the pgm and popstar are way differant

popstar is a undersized pocket yoyo that is metal

the pgm is a plastic with hubstacks and is full sized

Well the Grind Machines a good introduction to binding, while the popstar is more for the intermediate-advanced player due to it’s small size

idk i think if u like the idea of hubstacks than the pgm is a good introduction to them and the popstar really is for u if u want a pocket yoyo

you’ll like hubstacks for about a week then never use them. popstar is really fun pocket sized. i happen to have one for trade.:wink:

Hubstacks are fun and annoying. You will always at sometime get fed up of the hubstacks for sure. For Sure. FOR SURE, yeah, you’ll get fed up of hubstacks. Don’t just think, ripstarting hubstacks and doing a gyro stall would be cool cause when you get your PGM2:
1st day: 300 Ripstarts and Gyro Stalls
2nd day: Still fun, learning hubstack tricks, 300 Ripstarts and Gyro Stalls
3rd day: O.K. enough ripping and stalling, get down to string tricks, 50 Ripstarts and Gyro Stalls
4th day: Hmm, vibe in the stacks cause the yoyo wobble and vibe, affecting some tricks, 10 Rippings…
5th day: BACK TO STACKS, 150 ripstarts and gyrostalls
6th day: O.K. Now lets grind, arm grind, good, finger, good, thumb, dang, stacks in the way…
7th day: Now what? Hmmm…Stacks cause vibe, lets take them off! Wait, then I need nubs…PAY MONEY
8th day: What a waste of stacks…Like now really, I am kinda regreting…
Get it? Not that always happens to everyone but really, they are different.

POPstar: This is a pocket sized yoyo and if you are learning to do string tricks, this is NOT the best ideal yoyo for you. This yoyo is for challenging yourself in your skill. Same as mighty flea etc. You can choose this over PGM or a PGM over this but the yoyo’s you’ve listed in this thread are not too suitable for you. Anyways, what are your preferences?

well the popstar is smoother (IMO) and cheaper

The pgm has hubstacks, is an amazing 5a yoyo and can take a little more wear than the popstar

It’s really prefernce so get what you prefer