PGM VS Popstar

So I’m thinking of getting a New yoyo and I’m not sure witch one to get. Can you help me? Right now I have the whip and I like its shape

The Whip has a very similar shape to the PGM, so that’s something to consider. The POPstar may be a little too small for you.

OK, so we can tell you can bind and your budget may be around $30.

The PGM is a nice yoyo, and you get the option of stacks. It’s similar in shape as what you have, but a lot heavier. Other similar shapes within your budget I think would include the DieNasty. I don’t have the Counter Attack, but that’s another to consider.

I recently played a Popstar. It’s very small. I didn’t personally care for it, but I didn’t get that much time with it either. I did remove it from my wants list.

You’re best off with the PGM or stackless PGM and/or DieNasty. The PGM gives you the most bang for the buck: good weight, stable, stacks if you want to get into those. It may vibe a little bit, but that’s OK on this one, but most are pretty darn smooth. It’s just a chance to take. The vibe, if present, will be very small and won’t affect play.

Someone has to do it: for $5 more you can get a Protostar or Northstar. Protostar is faster and lighter, the Northstar is slower and heavier.

Thanks I have already ordered my PGM and currently waiting for it to be in the mail

No need for this thread any more I got both one from my mom the other from the mail