hey, i would like a yoyo for less than or a little over $30 from yoyofactory. Dont say protostar i already have one but and sugestions?iv looked at counter attack,popstar,dienasty,pgm,and northstar.

well the pgm2 plays mostl like protostar but its not quite as stable but pgm2 is beast at 5a.Also the dv888 is supppppeeerrr amazing for the price

Yes, if you pay 10 bucks more, get Dv888.
I don’t recomend the counter attack or die-nasty over the PGM2 or Northstar. BTW, the Northstar is so similar to the Protostar that there is no reason to get both.
The POPstar is very small, and there are side effect on such small yoyo such as harder to learn tricks and also some tilt (true).
My PGM2 is so good! It can handle most tricks I throw at it but the only thing you will get fed up on are the hubstacks. They are fun but after a while they bother you on tricks like vibe or wobble. Then you have to buy nubs which really just isn’t eco-money.
Die-Nasty just can’t perform AS well as others but if you do get one, it can handle most tricks you do, like it ain’t bad for those tricks but not over others that you’ve listed IMHO.
Counter Attack, you need to research on that.

I’m a big fan of the grind machine… It really is top notch, plays smooth and stable, handles grinds, string tricks, and whips really well… You won’t be disappointed!

I got the POPstar and I enjoy it. I’ve always wanted a pocket throw and since I can land eli hops on a yomega fireball the POPstar is not as difficult to handle. It does play heavy since it is weights the same as full sized throws at half the size.

I got a starlight and a popstar, of the two i’d go with a popstar.

my starlight broke the first hour i had it

for $10 more, get a dv888 they are proper brilliant, perform just as good as $100+ throws if not better than some