New Throw

Looking to get a new throw not something great just a fun throw. I was thinking either a protostar or plastic gring machine 2. Any recommendations. keep it under like 35 and I am looking for a fun throw

Uhm. Tbh, they will probably both be fun. Popstar is a mini, so it will be a challenge to use. The pgm is good if you wanna play with stacks

I wouldn’t buy the PGM. I don’t like it’s play, maybe it’s just me, but it seems like there’s a lot of friction. Not running to “freely”. Stacks are fun for the first few days, but not after that. If you’re looking forward to ripstart it even in bed to entertain you, it really wont. Although hubstacks are supposed to be pretty fun though. To me, it’s just annoying.

The Popstar is a great choice, it’s small, gives you a fun challenge to land tricks! Either the Protostar ir Northsta isn’t a bad choice, but not as fun or “new” styling as the Popstar or PGM.

Popstar’s a great yoyo too for serious yoyoing too, spins long etc, but just small for fun.

Which would you recommend of the north start or protostart herd the proto is a little to light and herd north cracks

They both crack in extreme temperature. Proto is floatier and faster, north is more solid and slower. North is heavier

What ^^ said. They both crack at extreme sudden temperature changes.

They handle the same tricks, not much to it. I like the color of the Protostar but it feels a bit hollow.

I have a dv888 and a dark magic 2 would it be better to go with a protostar or a pgm2 I don’t reley like the north star

They both handle anything you can throw, except grimds. Just pick one and go

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