A new yoyo

(DIA) #1

Hi ,I currently own a new breed , legacy, and a kickside and finished all the tricks from andre boulay. I was thinking of buying a new yoyo , but i wasn’t sure which one i should buy. Any help would be appreciated my price for a maximum yoyo is $45. I would prefer a flowable silicone yoyo but a double O ring is alright.

Thanks in advance

(Walker, Yo-Yo Ranger) #2

You have some of the best in that price range.
The protostar is good, though.

(laxdude99) #3

Get a revolution or try a protostar I love both of these yo-yos


yeah the protostar is an awesome choice! plus it is 34.99


get a north star or maybe you can ask Alex (RecRev) about SCLBs cuz i got mine for $20. No bearing tho…


Protostars are ah-mazing… I like mine almost as much as my dv888


Protostar !!


If you want a metal you could get a Shinwoo Zen.

(Walker, Yo-Yo Ranger) #9

i think that YYJ’s metal rimmed yoyos are mostly better

(Cinimod105) #10

From your current yoyos, you might really like a YoYoJam Trinity.


Get a YYJ Revolution, YYJ Atmosphere, or YYF Northstar (When they release in a few days)


The ProtoStar. It’ll be more beast than most of the yoyos you own. You just have to try it.

(DIA) #13

I think i will go with the protostar , and the trinity doesn’t fit my budget


I’d go for atmosphere!

Its heavy and stable… good for fast play!