is the raptor a good first metal and kinda first real yoyo i have a 10 dollar yoyo.

depends,whts your mast advanced trick?

split the atom

Yeah it’s good. the only reason I don’t really like it is because it’s not undersized and plastic caps on metal yoyo feels and looks weird for me. Also, if you take off caps for tgumb grinds, it is really light, so it plays very different. It comes with some extra stuff though. Its a good beginner. Imo dark magic 2 is better because it looks cooler and come with responsive and unresponsive bearing

I must say, I agree. Although the thread is about best metal for the price, the DMII will always be a nice throw.

Although in my experience, I love the raptor, and need to get one that I can keep a hold of.

I love my Raptor. It’s a great throw, as long as you can bind, it’s perfect.

I can bind so either on would be good.

I would say raptor. I have it, it is my second yoyo, and I love it. I would say that if you have a 10$ plastic, then almost any metal feels much better. I got it when I started the advanced section. DMII seems good, or the dv888. I have heard great things about both of those. I plan to get the DMII, then the dv888, and test them. Many people ask for what should be their second yoyo, and those 3 pop up the most. :smiley:

The raptor is a great choice.