looking for new good yoyoall


sry i got a prob on my coputer i will say what i wanted 2 say there in this reply
i want a new good yoyo
i am a intermidiater
now i got a really wierd shape uncomfortable yoyo
yomegas fireball
can u recommend me a good yoyo
many people recommended me the dark magic 2 from yoyojam

Well they recommended right! The dark magic 2 is a great yoyo that will take you from zero to hero. And if you can’t bind yet, it comes with a slim bearing for tug responsiveness. It also comes with a speed bearing for dead unresponsiveness. I have one and I love it, this yoyo is a great choice.

kk tnx XD
i think i really would buy it :slight_smile:

No problem, you won’t be disappointed!

DM2 all the way.

1: Ful sized. The large size helps with catches.
2: Kinda heavy in the 69 gram range. But, this helps with long spin times.
3: The aluminum rims aren’t just for looks, it pushes weight to the edges for aadded stability, plus the rims are designed for IRG’s and help with regular grinds, so there’s lots of options.
4: Take the caps out to shave a little weight and make those IRG’s a reality.
5: Narrow and full sized bearing allow you to freely switch between responsive and unresponsive play. You will want YYJ thick and thin lube though to help with bearing maintenance issues. The thick lube in the narrow bearing will increase responsiveness.
6: Looks great. The choices of colors next to the rim is a nice combination.
7: Durable. Takes a beating and comes back for more.

What’s not to like about it?

Thats about everything you can like about a yoyo especially if your just starting out, I have one and its awesome i still play with it. Its a good yoyo to have and you can use throughout your entire career as a yoyoer :smiley: