When should i get a new yoyo?

Well i was thinking of when to get a new yoyo and i still have no idea when to get one lol… Anyway i am currently using a DM2 and am a intermediate player. So when do u think i should get a new one and when did u get a new yoyo?

I get a new yoyo whenever I feel like it. It doesn’t help you learn any more if that’s what you’re wondering, but buying something to enjoy it is almost never a bad idea.

You don’t buy a new yoyo when your skills improve…that’s just stupid. You get a new yoyo when you have enough money in your checking account and you feel like you need a fix.


I just buy a new yoyo when I have money for one, and when something new and intriguing is released. that’s largely why I have around 30 in my collection thus far :slight_smile:

Just get one when you feel you should get one. I stuck with my DM2 for about 3 or 4 weeks, then I went ahead and got a phenomizm.

Thanks everyone for answering and my question!

You can get one whenever you want, just think if it’s suitable. Example: Phenom for a person who only knows gravity pull, no good. DM2 is good enough up to Master and above, but if you might feel like you need a step up, it’s fine. But just saying to ya’ not to waste your DM2.