How much time?

I was just wondering… how long do people use there yoyos before getting a new one? I have had my Dv888 for 4 months

Sometimes people get a new one just because they want to or scan afford buying whatever they want. There is not a time limit to buying another one. If you can and you find one you like then buy it.

I buy one whenever i get the money.

So far pretty often. I started throwing about a month ago and I have a Mosquito, FH2, Velocity, and Hitman. I’m looking to buy a metal yoyo in about a month too. Then I’m going to slow down a bit.

Maybe. :slight_smile:

well i had a flying squirrel for a few months as my first yoyo and then it broke. next i got a fast 201 but i hated it, but the two lasted from christmas to almost summer. then i got an xcon in the biggining of the summer, and my uncle got me a speeder midsummer, right in the nick of time too because i got my xcon bearing stuck so i needed a new throw. after that i didn’t get another yoyo till my bday in november, i got a dv888 and bigyo. then for christmas i got an 888x and a G5. i didn’t want both so i sold one. then only 2 weeks after that i got a recrev i because Alex was selling them half price and i had 25 dollars. so yeah. after that i bought my friends 5star (i wanted that since late summer when i first met him. it was my first metal i threw). then two weeks ago i bought a P2 because there were only 10 left. i have virtualy no cash left and i also owe my mom my alouence for the next month.

I don’t buy a yoyo just to buy a yoyo, I usually have a reason.

First time I did, I bought a metal zero because my misquito was becoming a bit insufficient (not to say impossibe, persay) for the tricks I had begun to attempt, so I bought it.

I bought a speed beetle before that, actually, for looping.

And then I recently bought a Dark magic because I got it for 25 bucks.

I wouldn’t buy one whenever I absoulutely could, but rather when fate asks you to…

However, this topic is highly opinion more than anything, and changes with the individual.

I but something whenever I find a good deal. Here and there I will buy a new one from a store if I REALLY want it. And a lot of my yoyos also come from gifts/trading.